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THEY have many tele­vi­sion chan­nels in Amer­ica. So shows such as this tend to blend into the land­scape. But here, par­tic­u­larly in sum­mer, TV guides are less crowded with your favourite shows, and so you are will­ing to try a few new ones.

There’s noth­ing hor­ri­bly wrong with Bet­ter With You, it’s just there’s noth­ing re­ally good about it ei­ther. It’s such a run-of-the-mill Amer­i­can sit­com, you may as well be watch­ing any of the many oth­ers like it — Rules of En­gage­ment, King of Queens, Hope & Faith.

They’re all an OK way to pass 30 min­utes, but your world will not stop turn­ing if you hire a DVD, go for a walk, call your mum, start a mid-fi­nan­cial year sort out of your tax, in­stead of tun­ing in to the world of two sis­ters and their part­ners. One has the stan­dard charm­ing-but­numb­skull hus­band/fi­ance, the other has one that seems smart, but tries too hard.

This episode sees the girls’ par­ents (the mum is the mum from That ’70s show) tak­ing over the plan­ning of Mia and Casey’s wed­ding.

To get them out of their hair, the ki­dlets hire a wed­ding plan­ner, in the form of guest star Reba McEn­tire.

‘‘ With me in charge of this event, ev­ery one of your friends is go­ing to be so jeal­ous they won’t speak to you for weeks. Be­cause you’re go­ing to make their kid’s wed­ding look like a birth­day party in a bor­rowed back­yard,’’ Reba says in her cus­tom­ary drawl.

‘‘ Oh my god, you get me,’’ replies the That ’70s Show mum.

Mean­while we’re in­tro­duced to the prac­tice of ‘‘ flirt- ing for favours’’, in this case, for spe­cial top­pings at the yo­ghurt shop.

‘‘ Ev­ery­body does it — you get spe­cial treat­ment, they get to see some top boob, ev­ery­body wins,’’ boasts Mad­die.

Like I said, maybe you should call your mum in­stead of watch­ing this. Bet­ter With You Chan­nel 9, 8pm

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