He looks ter­ri­fied when the crew turns up at his work

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THE looks on peo­ple’s faces when TV cam­eras sud­denly ap­pear can be pretty funny. Some will start preen­ing them­selves, oth­ers will hide; the re­ally an­noy­ing ones will wave like lu­natics and mouth ‘‘ hi mum’’.

Ware­house man­ager Karl Cramp­ton looks ter­ri­fied when the crew turns up at his work.

‘‘ What’s hap­pen­ing?’’ he asks hes­i­tantly . . . I reckon he thinks he’s part of a sting on A Cur­rent Af­fair or To­day Tonight.

Maybe he has un­paid li­brary fines? They tell him he’s go­ing on a hol­i­day.

‘‘ What, right now? Oh, I’m so ner­vous,’’ he says as he looks shyly at the cam­eras.

Karl is adorable. He’s mas­sively tall, but uses phrases like ‘‘ gosh’’ and ‘‘ fab­u­lous’’. He’s also clearly be­sot­ted with his wife Lily, who has had a re­cent bat­tle with can­cer.

‘‘ Have you got any idea where we’re go­ing,’’ host James Tobin asks . . . how the hell would he know that James, he’s in a limo on the way to the air­port. Half an hour ago he was at work go­ing about his busi­ness.

Turns out the cou­ple is be­ing sent to Port Lin­coln in South Aus­tralia for a week’s hol­i­day while co­me­dian Colin Lane stays be­hind to help cover his job.

I re­ally don’t un­der­stand why Lane is in this do­ing lame skits — are times re­ally that tough since Lano and Wood­ley?

The script­ing is pretty bad in parts too. I’m not sure if it’s lazi­ness on the part of the writ­ers, or if their sense of hu­mour is that dull, that they think jokes like this are funny: ‘‘ He’s also some­one who never lounges around. Karl works for Plush So­fas’’.

Oh yeah, they’ve re­ally tried hard with that line. Sadly though, Karl and Lily’s ro­man­tic get­away is chap­er­oned by Tobin, who barely seems to leave their side.

James, you’re hang­ing around like a bad smell, stop third-wheel­ing.

First James and Karl go swim­ming with sealions, then the boys go swim­ming with South­ern blue-fin tuna, all while Lily watches from the side­lines. I’m not sure she swims, which kind of makes the choice of ac­tiv­i­ties and des­ti­na­tion a lit­tle bizarre. Surely some­one should have asked that ques­tion be­fore plan­ning the hol­i­day for them?

Al­though I do love the tuna bloke who says the fishies in a stand­ing start are faster than a Porsche 911. But they have no feet so how do they stand? No Leave, No Life Chan­nel 7, Satur­day, 6.30pm

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