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EVEN just the name of this sounds scary. The Deep. I think it’s the THE at the start of it. You could put the in front of a bunch of things and it would make it sound omi­nous.

The house. The dog. The school . . . The surf­board. OK, so maybe it doesn’t work for ev­ery­thing, but you get my drift. Re­mem­ber The Ring?

We start be­low the Arc­tic. It looks pretty cold. There’s a woman in one of those lit­tle sub­mersible crafts, she’s zoom­ing around, check­ing out all this in­cred­i­ble stuff, but you just know its not go­ing to end well.

She’s on her own, in freez­ing wa­ter in pitch black ex­cept for her lit­tle lights. There’s some weird in­ter­fer­ence and all of a sud­den she loses com­mu­ni­ca­tions with her mother craft.

As I said . . . its not go­ing to end well. This is why I don’t like con­fined spa­ces . . . you al­ways need an es­cape route.

Flash for­ward six months and an­other crew is pre­par­ing to go down there.

And it’s some crew, headed by Min­nie Driver, James Nesbitt and that guy who played Luka on ER.

‘‘ What’s down there is a game changer for the whole world,’’ Min­nie says.

It’s a new en­ergy source,

Game changer: Min­nie Driver. which means megabucks to who­ever can find it. But as you might ex­pect, this isn’t go­ing to be smooth-sail­ing for our intrepid sci­en­tists. Weird things hap­pen when you’re in a film with The in its ti­tle.

The great part about this mini-se­ries is that it gets you in from the first sec­onds.

And it does a sen­sa­tional job of keep­ing the sus­pense go­ing the en­tire time, un­rav­el­ling only enough plot to keep you in­trigued. And let’s face it, ev­ery­thing seems more scary when you’re un­der­wa­ter.

Not that it’s horror movi­escary, it’s what they call, in the biz, a sus­pense thriller.

Oh, and that teaser at the end will have you throw­ing your re­mote at the TV. Roll on part two. The Deep — part one ABC1, 8.30pm

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