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PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 Out: Fe­bru­ary 24 ALL is not well in Prisma City. The colour has lit­er­ally been leached from this once-vi­brant me­trop­o­lis and a dic­ta­tor has in­stalled him­self as supreme leader. It’s up to the player, as Blob, to bring colour and life back to the city.

In de Blob 2, ev­ery­thing the player touches is trans­formed. The sim­ple act of rolling around is a game in it­self: the ground be­neath Blob blooms into life as he moves, while touched build­ings ex­plode into a riot of colour.

There’s struc­ture to the mad­ness. Play­ers must use paint can­is­ters scat­tered around the world to change colours and top up on paint. One chal­lenge may be to paint a set of build­ings orange, for ex­am­ple, re­quir­ing Blob to find red and yel­low paint can­is­ters.

Paint­ing is only one as­pect of Blob’s world. This is very much a plat­form game, so ex­pect sprawl­ing lev­els to tra­verse, en­e­mies to take on and power-ups to find. Each level also has nu­mer­ous land­marks that must be trans­formed, which is achieved by beat­ing a 2D game­play se­quence be­neath the land­mark in ques­tion. A sec­ond player can even hop in as Pinky the Robot to help out.

It all adds up to a se­quel that’s more var­ied than the orig­i­nal, but one that still re­tains its in­fec­tious, ir­re­press­ible spirit.

It’s hard not to love the world of Blob, from its tongue-incheek hu­mour and vis­ual style, to the tac­tile, re­ac­tive na­ture of the game­play, and the disco funk sound­track that evolves as the world does. Be­ing de­vel­oped by the Aussie stu­dio Blue Tongue, de Blob 2 is due for re­lease for PlayS­ta­tion 3, Wii and Xbox 360 on Fe­bru­ary 24.

Colour and life: it’s all up to you in de Blob 2.

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