Bor­ing parts of life are bor­ing . . . no mat­ter who does them

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TORI Spell­ing is an in­ter­est­ing one. Spoilt lit­tle rich girl writ­ten into an act­ing ca­reer by her TV mogul fa­ther Aaron via Bev­erly Hills 90210.

But the thing is— 20 years later— here Spell­ing is with her own show . . . and where the heck is Steve San­ders, aka Ian Zier­ing?

Tori and hubby Dean are two of a seem­ingly end­less list of celebs (or should that be for­mer celebs) with their own re­al­ity shows.

Which is bizarre. I mean, why do we want to see for­mer Spice Girl Mel B brush­ing her chil­dren’s hair, or the Kar­dashi­ans go­ing shop­ping? Or watch Gene Sim­mons do any­thing at all?

Bor­ing parts of life are bor­ing . . . no mat­ter who does them. There’s no real way to make vac­u­um­ing sexy— not that many of these celebs would ac­tu­ally do their own house­work, but you get my drift.

Here we watch Tori’s youngest kid Stella learn­ing to be toi­let-trained— oh yeah, we ac­tu­ally see her on the loo do­ing a poo.

‘‘ It’s com­ing out. I hear it,’’ is the charm­ing com­men­tary. Re­ally, Tori, re­ally? Do we re­ally need to see (and hear) your kid pooing?

And, fur­ther into the episode, Stella gets wee all over Dean when she sits on him on the couch.

Life has these de­cid­edly unglam­orous mo­ments, but I’mjust not sure why celebs feel the need to broad­cast them— and why we would chose to watch.

Tori is a ditz, and I mean that in an en­dear­ing way . . . oth­er­wise I’d call her an id­iot. This is the woman who Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood Arena, Fox­tel/Aus­tar, 8.30pm, Fri­day wor­ried about her baby rup­tur­ing her or­gans with its kicks when she was preg­nant.

Se­ri­ously. Tonight’s episode sees the cou­ple try­ing to rekin­dle the ro­mance, which has suf­fered with two young kids.

This is the part where be­ing rich does have its perks.

The pair pick up and head off on a lav­ish ro­man­tic week­end, which in­cludes a hot air bal­loon ride.

‘‘ Just me and you and the great un­known,’’ Dean says as they hit the open road, ex­cept he has his head­phones in his ears . . . maybe a wise move.

Scared-of-prac­ti­cal­lyev­ery­thing Tori spends most of the bal­loon ride crouch­ing, ter­ri­fied, in the bas­ket, un­able to see the sights.

‘‘ What hap­pens if you’re up here and you have to poop?’’ she asks the bal­loon pi­lot.

Again with the poo talk . . . the girl is ob­sessed. Never-end­ing ba­nal­ity: Tori Spell­ing and hubby Dean bore us silly.

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