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GHOST Hunters In­ter­na­tional. Imag­ine putting that on your busi­ness cards . . . ‘‘ What do you do?’’ ‘‘ I’m an ac­coun­tant, what about you?’’ ‘‘ Oh, I hunt ghosts.’’ And joy, the team has hit Aus­tralia to see if it can doc­u­ment our ghosts.

This week they’re de­scend­ing on Syd­ney’s Quar­an­tine Sta­tion, which opened in 1833. In its early days, the quar­an­tine sta­tion was pretty sav­age, with new ar­rivals to Aus­tralia made to shower in a hor­rific mix­ture of wa­ter, dis­in­fec­tant and car­bolic acid, which made an en­tire layer of skin peel off.

More than 570 peo­ple died there and ap­par­ently many of them are still hang­ing around, with nearly ev­ery area of the fa­cil­ity in­hab­ited by a ghost.

And this is where the peo­ple with the wacko busi­ness cards come in — they’ve been hired by the quar­an­tine sta­tion’s man­ager to doc­u­ment the spir­i­tual in­hab­i­tants.

The sta­tion is now used as a ho­tel and events venue. Per­son­ally, I think you’d have rocks in your head to stay there, but each to their own.

The ghosts here are in­ter­ac­tive, which means they ac­tu­ally con­tact peo­ple . . .

Mmmm, I’ve got a great

Spooky: Ghost Hunter Rob. idea. Why don’t you go there late at night and say things to taunt them.

Or hang out on your own in the morgue . . . Are these peo­ple NUTS? The al­leged ghosts in­clude a cry­ing worker, a small boy who hides in a corner, an­other who shoves peo­ple against a wall, a woman who tries to stran­gle peo­ple and one who grabs peo­ple with icy-cold hands.

And so the team set out with video and sound equip­ment to record these be­ings. Well corner it, one of the Hunters says.

If you are a be­liever, you’ll find plenty to prove your­self cor­rect. If you’re not, you’ll prob­a­bly find the same thing. Ghost Hunters In­ter­na­tional Sci Fi Chan­nel, 9.30pm,

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