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FOR some­one who’s sup­posed to be a film star, Vin­nie Chase is pretty dull. Not dull as in bor­ing, or even dull as in stupid, he’s just so vanilla.

Put sim­ply, his char­ac­ter lacks any real like­abil­ity and cer­tainly doesn’t have the charisma you’d ex­pect.

Al­though I’m not sure Adrian Gre­nier has it in real life ei­ther.

No one can dish out an in­sult like Ari.

‘‘ Who are you and why am I wast­ing my time lis­ten­ing to you?’’ he says to Scott in this episode.

Jeremy Piven used to be

Maybe it’s just be­cause the char­ac­ters around him are so good.

Ari Gold is one of the best char­ac­ters on TV — him and Bar­ney Stin­son from How I Met Your Mother. Ellen’s cousin in her old show Ellen, which is not to be con­fused with her chat show The Ellen DeGeneres Show ... or her other sit­com, which was called The Ellen Show. Won­der if she’ll ever have a show that isn’t a vari­a­tion on her name?

I love see­ing fa­mous peo­ple in old shows. Proves even the biggest stars have done a lot of dud jobs to get where they are . . . re­as­sur­ing, isn’t it?

Tonight Ari is up to his

Low charisma: Adrian Gre­nier. eye­balls in you know what — dis­grun­tled for­mer em­ployee Lizzie is threat­en­ing to re­lease tapes of him, well, be­ing Ari, which could have hor­rific im­pli­ca­tions for his busi­ness and NFL as­pi­ra­tions.

‘‘ This is like arms con­trol you’re like Iran and I need to take away your weapons be­cause you’re reck­less,’’ Lizzie’s co-con­spir­a­tor Amanda Daniels says.

Tur­tle is ped­dling a new brand of te­quila, which cre­ates its own is­sues — Vin­nie and Drama are sam­pling a bit too much of the merch.

The best part of this se­ries is the celebs they rope in for cameos. Bob Saget’s hi­lar­i­ous. He’s re­ally screwed up, which is kinda cool when you think of him in his Full House days. En­tourage Arena, 9.30pm,

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