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IT’S AN in­ter­est­ing con­cept: take two fat Brits to an­other coun­try and make them stay with other fat peo­ple, eat­ing what they eat. Can they shock them skinny?

Dan Har­ri­son, who weighs 152kg, once ate 15 dough­nuts in one ses­sion: ‘‘ A fact that I’m both proud and ashamed of,’’ the 22-year-old says.

His girl­friend dumped him ’ cos he was too fat. That made him sad, so he com­fort-ate, which made him even fat­ter.

Lau­ren French is mor­bidly obese, tip­ping the scales at 146kg, but says: ‘‘ I’m fine with my ap­pear­ance, I be­lieve I carry it off quite well.’’

That’s the prob­lem. Lau­ren ac­tu­ally be­lieves her weight is not an is­sue. ‘‘ I’m not happy with the num­ber on the scales, but I know I’m not un­healthy,’’ she says.

What the? How can she pos­si­ble be healthy at that weight? It’s hard to know whether she be­lieves that or if it is a self-pro­tec­tion thing.

Their first visit is to the Gon­za­les fam­ily. The nar­ra­tor calls them ‘‘ the enor­mous Gon­za­les fam­ily’’ as if they’re a cir­cus troupe with mas­sive ‘‘ Es’’ on their suits.

In the one fam­ily are four Miri­ams, which makes re­mem­ber­ing names pretty easy. They serve up a del­i­cacy — a

Way too much: Lau­ren and Dan whole-cooked cow head, com­plete with brains.

‘‘ It was close to heaven for me,’’ says meat-lover Dan . . . hmmm, I’mnot sure this trip is hav­ing the de­sired ef­fect.

Sec­ond stop is stay­ing with Maria, who weighs 113kg and drinks 10 litres of Coke a day. Yep, that’d do it.

They make the pair visit obese pa­tients be­ing treated for leg ul­cers caused by poor cir­cu­la­tion. It is hideous.

Ar­gentina is the fat­test coun­try in South Amer­ica and it is in the slums where peo­ple are the most over­weight.

As most land is used for cat­tle graz­ing, veg­eta­bles are ex­pen­sive be­cause no one grows them. They buy fatty, high-calo­rie junk food, be­cause it’s cheaper. Fat and Fat­ter ABC2, 8.30pm

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