Are these At­lanta housewives for real? . . . These ones do seem fun­nier

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THE ti­tle sug­gests these are the ‘‘ real’’ housewives of At­lanta, but I’m pretty sure they’re not a ter­ri­bly ac­cu­rate rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the wom­en­folk over there.

If you were to ran­domly pick a house in At­lanta, I’m not sure these ladies would an­swer the door.

Well, prob­a­bly be­cause, for a start, most of them have ‘‘ peo­ple’’ to open the door for them.

But where the heck do they find these women? They are all filthy rich and have egos that well ex­ceed the size of their bank ac­counts.

For the open­ing cred­its, each woman gets to say a snazzy one-liner, while pos­ing se­duc­tively.

Nene: ‘‘ When I walk into a room, I own it.’’

Kim: ‘‘ Peo­ple call me a gold-dig­ger, but they just want what I have.’’

Sheree: ‘‘ I like things that are el­e­gant and so­phis­ti­cated, just like me.’’

Kandi: ‘‘ I have fame and for­tune and I’ve earned it.’’

Phae­dra: ‘‘ I’m the ul­ti­mate south­ern belle . . . I get what I want.’’

Cyn­thia: ‘‘ I know how to work it and be seen.’’ Oh, spare me. And this, later from Cyn­thia: ‘‘ Even though I’m Cyn­thia Bai­ley, su­per­model, when my man calls and needs help, ev­ery­thing takes a back seat and I help him out.’’ Gee, how gra­cious of you.

I can’t re­ally han­dle the Housewives fran­chise, it’s a bit like CSI — it started with the show based in one city, and in­stead of com­ing up with a new idea for a show, the cre­ators just cloned this one over and over.

The thing I don’t get about this is the women aren’t ter­ri­bly like­able, so why do peo­ple want to give up an hour of their lives to watch them?

Al­though, I must say, these ones do seem fun­nier than the oth­ers. But at the risk of play­ing the race card, why is it when a white girl passes judg­ment on oth­ers and makes rude com­ments she’s be­ing bitchy, but when a black woman does it she’s just got at­ti­tude? The Real Housewives of At­lanta Arena, Tues­day, 9.30pm At­ti­tude: the ‘‘real’’ housewives of At­lanta have big bank ac­counts and match­ing egos.

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