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Ten years ago, Lewis Car­roll’s Alice con­tin­ued her ad­ven­tures in Amer­i­can McGee’s Alice, a game that saw play­ers fight through a twisted, dark ver­sion of Won­der­land. Later this year the tale will con­tinue in Alice: Mad­ness Re­turns. Switched On spoke to Amer­i­can McGee to find out more. What was the orig­i­nal about? The first game was set in 1874 and was built on the idea that Alice had lost her fam­ily in a fire and that had sent her into an asy­lum. She spent 10 years in the asy­lum, then went into Won­der­land to face all of her demons, and used Won­der­land as a tool to get over all the emo­tional trauma that had put her there in the first place. When is Mad­ness Re­turns set? It’s 1875. Alice is now liv­ing in London, still try­ing to deal with the events of her past, and slowly things are sort of un­rav­el­ling. She’s start­ing to re­alise some­thing’s not right, that though she man­aged to re­gain her san­ity, she hasn’t yet solved the mys­tery of what hap­pened that night. How did her fam­ily die, why did they die? So what hap­pens in the game is that you spend some time in London, where she’s trav­el­ling around, in­ter­act­ing with a va­ri­ety of char­ac­ters, try­ing to piece to­gether what’s hap­pened. Won­der­land is in­vad­ing, and she’s also go­ing into Won­der­land to try to deal with these ques­tions. What can play­ers ex­pect? There’s go­ing to be a nice blend of nar­ra­tive el­e­ments, puz­zle el­e­ments, com­bat, ex­plo­ration and plat­form­ing. For some­body who didn’t play the first game, we’ve lay­ered in the orig­i­nal story, by en­coun­ter­ing some of the orig­i­nal char­ac­ters and hav­ing them talk about it.


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