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DO THEY re­ally have to say vic? They can’t say vic­tim? Are the po­lice re­ally that busy that they don’t have time for an ex­tra syl­la­ble? Perp I can un­der­stand. I don’t know that I like it but I can see how much more time it takes to say the rest of those letters. Per­pe­tra­tor is a long word and if you have to say it 10, 20 times in a work­ing day it could start to eat into your time.

Blue Bloods. It was al­most called Rea­gan’s Law un­til some­body re­mem­bered there used to be an Amer­i­can pres­i­dent by that name and giv­ing a nice TV show about or­di­nary, rightwing Amer­i­cans the same . . . hmmm ... clearly it should’ve been called Rea­gan’s Law. Might’ve been a very dif­fer­ent show. It just sounds more jack-booty even say­ing it. And I can ab­so­lutely see Tom Sel­leck as a fas­cist en­forcer. We all can. That mous­tache . . . He wouldn’t do it though, I’m al­most cer­tain. He’s so soft here I’m wor­ried he might have os­teo­poro­sis. He does play a cop though. They’re all cops. Gran­dad, dad, broth­ers. Even the dead brother. The sis­ter is a lawyer. And can I just ask you to have a look at the zing be­tween the two broth­ers and their sis­ter Brid­get Moy­na­han. It’s like they were raised on the prairie. In Utah. But it’s a handy de­vice mak­ing ev­ery­one in the fam­ily in­volved in the job in some way, like on The So­pra­nos. And it also gives rise to a range of ca­reer-end­ing pro­fes­sional con­flicts, but I have a feel­ing we’re not go­ing to see so much of that. Be­cause this is a moral­is­tic, smug, I sus­pect unim­peach­able fam­ily, al­though I’d be hap­pier if Tom Sel­leck didn’t dye his hair and mous­tache him­self. But the fam­ily thing could get cloy­ing pretty quick. Danny — Don­nie Wahlberg — can hardly see his desk at work for pho­tos of his kids.

The first episode this week — tonight — has some of that re­ally clumsy di­a­logue you get when the writ­ers are try­ing to con­vey in­for­ma­tion to the au­di­ence like there’s an emer­gency, rather than just let­ting it come out nat­u­rally the way it would in real life.

The fam­ily’s stand­ing around to­gether at one point and Tom Sel­leck or one of them says, yes, it’s tragic your brother Jimmy died. Who talks like that? No­body, un­less they have more than one brother who died, but not all of them trag­i­cally.

I thought I might be happy about see­ing Tom Sel­leck again, but now that I have I’m not con­vinced he’s right for this role. But he’s no worse than the oth­ers. He’s bet­ter than the oth­ers, in fact. Or not Len Car­iou, who plays his fa­ther, but he’s a re­ally good ac­tor.

Blue Bloods, Chan­nel 10, tonight, 8.30pm.

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