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DES­PER­ATE Housewives kind of re­minds me of that ad, I think it’s for gap filler, where the guy’s there do­ing some­thing to the shower.

The woman’s like, I’ve been at my hus­band to fix this for ages, and then she goes away to make him lunch, even though he’s got food with him.

The punch­line of the ad is do it your­self be­fore some­one else does it for you. I don’t know that the women on Des­per­ate Housewives would ever come into con­tact with a man if they didn’t get in trades­men.

Mike the plumber, Gaby’s teenage gar­dener; didn’t Su­san have a painter for a while? And now there’s Brian Austin Green, who I mainly re­mem­ber from the orig­i­nal 90210 when he was go­ing out with Tori Spell­ing. Do you know who he’s mar­ried to now? Megan Fox. This is in real life. In Des­per­ate Housewives he’s about to re­move Bree’s wall­pa­per. The last time I got in a painter, he was a prob­lem drinker who wore com­bi­na­tion over­alls.

There’s also Paul Young. Tech­ni­cally he isn’t a new char­ac­ter, he’s just been away. In jail. He was mar­ried to Mary Alice, who nar­rates the se­ries, even though she killed her­self in the first episode.

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