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DATE night. Is there a term that makes you feel less like do­ing what it’s been in­vented for? I wouldn’t have thought so. So Eleven’s not all Love Boat and Touched By An An­gel ( even the name of that show fright­ens me) and MacGyver, like, twice a day. No. It’s also Nurse Jackie.

Ten gave this a go, but it was never re­ally go­ing to fly there and I didn’t think I was ever go­ing to see it again, not be­ing a per­son who will ever pay money for a box set of any­thing. No TV show’s that im­por­tant, right? De­spite what I might tell you here in print.

But as it turns out Nurse Jackie’s start­ing from scratch on Fox­tel and Aus­tar next week so . . . well, so what? I’m into the sec­ond sea­son now and do I need to go back to when Jackie the drug-ad­dicted nurse was still all hot for Ed­die the phar­ma­cist?

Prob­a­bly, now that I think about it. About to spoil, look away now if you care: Ed­die’s gone a bit stalker on her, now that she’s shut things down. Made friends with her hus­band Kevin and turned up at their house and played with their kids. Not ideal, no. Kevin is younger and pret­tier and cleaner than Ed­die, but not

Tense: Edie Falco as Jackie sex­ier. And doesn’t ap­pear to have the same easy ac­cess to phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals. Ed­die 2, Kevin 0. It all feels a bit tense at this point. And gets worse when the hos­pi­tal in­stalls a guard out­side the room where they keep all the drugs, now that it’s oc­curred to some­body that so many are go­ing missing. Hmmm.

I’ll tell you who else is fan­tas­tic in this— Peter Facinelli, the guy from the Twi­light movies. He’s hi­lar­i­ous, plays a doc­tor with his own pub­li­cist.

This re­ally is a good show. It’s soapie, but with proper act­ing. There’s real drama, but also some sex on op­er­at­ing ta­bles. There’s drug use, il­licit and pre­scribed. Prob­lems at home and at work.

Com­pletely re­lat­able. Nurse Jackie Eleven, 9.30pm

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