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ISEE in Woman’s Day Scott and Clare are en­gaged. Scott and Clare. From The Farmer Wants a Wife. Sea­son four, ap­par­ently. I can’t quite place them my­self, I was hop­ing you might be able to.

They seem very happy. He got down on his knees, she loved it, the end. It says he asked her fa­ther for his per­mis­sion to marry her, which makes me laugh and sick in about equal mea­sure. Maybe 60-40 to­wards sick.

I feel as if this se­ries of The Farmer Wants a Wife is go­ing to be a hit. This is a show that al­ways does pretty well, but I sense this sea­son will be the biggest so far. Based on sev­eral com­plex per­sonal the­o­ries but also this: the at­trac­tive­ness of the con­tes­tants.

Last year’s — and I don’t think I’m alone in think­ing this— were home­lier than was com­pletely ideal. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Whereas this time they’re all much pret­tier.

Plus the old­est one is only 33. And doesn’t look it.

The youngest is from Young. He’s 24. So quite young. He al­leges he’s ready for love though. They’re all ready. Re­ally ready. Natalie Gru­zlewski could get a job on 60 Min­utes, and prob­a­bly will one day, such is her dogged

Dogged: Natalie Gru­zlewski ques­tion­ing on this sub­ject. Charles is def­i­nitely ready.

He gave up a ‘‘ blos­som­ing’’ ca­reer as a lawyer to be­come a ‘‘ thought­ful’’ farmer, which I take it means he can read, be­cause there’s a shot of him read­ing a book. The book could be Twi­light, but that’s not the point.

‘‘ There’s cer­tainly go­ing to have to be an in­tel­lec­tual click as far as be­ing on the same wave-length,’’ he says.

I write click, but I’m not en­tirely sure he doesn’t mean clique. He re­minds me of Philip the horse in I Am Not An An­i­mal, the episode where he talks about how he’s a man of letters and there­fore needs a smart girl­friend, a woman of in­tel­lect, such as Hil­lary Clin­ton or one of The Corrs. The Farmer Wants a Wife Chan­nel 9, 8.30pm

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