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IRECKON you should give Laid a go. Just have a look at it. It’s got prob­lems. I’ll say that straight up. The premise is silly. It would be less silly if Roo, the main char­ac­ter, was a 90-year-old woman, but as a 30-year-old or what­ever it’s far­ci­cal. And not far­ci­cal like the Marx Broth­ers ei­ther.

But it is a com­edy. And Roo is like­able and amus­ing. Es­pe­cially stacked up against the nongs she works with at the mar­ket re­search com­pany, who are painful in the ex­treme. Earnest. Which is just about the worst thing ever in the work­place. Or any­where. Roo’s al­ways tak­ing test prod­ucts home. My favourite line of the en­tire first episode is when she hands over a box of soy things to her flat­mate EJ. ‘‘ Try the choco­late. It tastes like Steiner kids’ smell.’’ I love that line. But just as EJ is putting her nose into the jar, Roo’s mother phones with some bad news about an old boyfriend, Bren­dan Ather­ton. Not re­ally a boyfriend. EJ knew him too, but can’t ac­tu­ally re­mem­ber what he looks like. Any­way, he’s dead, an in­ci­dent with kava.

If Roo’s be­ing frank he was a dud in bed. Still, she de­cides to go to the fu­neral. She might be the kind of per­son who has a lit­tle cry at fu­ner­als, she’s de­cided. She and EJ toast Bren­dan Ather­ton, be­cause it’s what he would’ve wanted. ‘‘ I think he would’ve wanted us to get pizza as well,’’ EJ says.

The sec­ond episode next week fea­tures a showy turn from Shaun Mi­callef as a gy­nae­col­o­gist. It’s his best work since New­stopia.

Yes. This is an Aus­tralian com­edy. Does that make a dif­fer­ence? It’s hard not to be turned off by just the thought of it, I can’t re­ally blame you. Some of them have been a night­mare. I mean, not like those fan­tas­tic Amer­i­can sit­coms, right? Ex­actly. And look how much money they’ve got. A thou­sand times the amount any­one else spends. Twenty-seven writ­ers. Just stu­pid­ity com­ing out their pores. So, you know, they’ve got no ex­cuse.

Laid— I hate the name. And the theme song is ju­ve­nile. It’s like it’s the Benny Hill Show. But those things don’t mat­ter. There might be enough here to get you through and you’ve sud­denly got a new show to watch. Or not.

Laid, starts Wed­nes­day, ABC1, 9pm.

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