He’s call­ing it self-im­prove­ment but there’s prob­a­bly more to it

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GOT a bit ex­cited and thought it was the last episode of Bed of Roses this week. It’s not. Feel a bit bad be­cause I don’t have any real rea­son to talk about it now. It’s not like it’s very good. Though if I think back to the last episode I saw, which I don’t re­mem­ber, I’m sure this one’s bet­ter.

Kerry Arm­strong is a bet­ter ac­tor than this ma­te­rial de­serves. But I al­most feel like watch­ing the se­ries to the end now, just to see how the hell they get an­other two episodes out of it.

One’ll be her wed­ding to Nick, Nick and Louisa’s wed­ding, and the at­ten­dant wed­ding dis­as­ters. God. Shoot me now. Look, writ­ing is hard. Peo­ple think any­body can do it. They’re like, we all know the same words, it’s just talk­ing, there can’t be much to it.

But this is the kind of think­ing that’s led us to where we are now. Bed of Roses on a Satur­day night.

Holly’s dumped Sean. He doesn’t seem happy and I can tell this by the way he said I don’t want to break up Holly. She doesn’t look happy ei­ther and I can tell this by the way she was cry­ing. Not for long I’d say— the new boyfriend is 31. She’s, what, 17, 18? Poor old Sean. Holly opened his world to a mil­lion dif­fer­ent things he never would’ve thought about if he’d never met her, he tells her in a fi­nal ap­peal. Like what, Hol­ly­wants to know.

Big things, Sean says. And lit­tle things. He’d still be eat­ing choco­late and vanilla gelato if it wasn’t for her. Clearly a metaphor.

Gavin’s work­ing out and teach­ing him­self Ital­ian and taken up writ­ing. He wants to con­trib­ute more to the news­pa­per be­cause the muse is with him now. See what I mean about writ­ing? Gavin owns a hard­ware store. I don’t know how long this has been go­ing on. He’s call­ing it self­im­prove­ment but there’s prob­a­bly more to it.

‘‘ I’mon fire,’’ he tells his exwife over golf. In her golf out­fit and cart­ing the clubs around, Caro­line Gillmer re­minds me of KAK more than ever.

Maybe the two re­main­ing episodes will have two wed­dings, Louisa and Nick’s and Gav and Marg’s. Their sec­ond wed­ding. To each other. Marg keeps think­ing about their son Jamie who died. She of­fi­ci­ates at a nam­ing cer­e­mony this week and ac­ci­den­tally calls the kid Jamie in­stead of the name his mother’s ac­tu­ally asked for.

Af­ter­wards she’s sit­ting at a ta­ble, look­ing a bit sad, Louisa goes over to her. Here we go, you might think, some faked gen­uine emo­tion ahead. Louisa: ‘‘ You saw Jamie back there didn’t you.’’ Ge­nius. It’s like Gavin wrote it. Get­ting bet­ter: Nick (Jay Laga’aia), Louisa (Kerry Arm­strong) and Holly (Hanna Man­ganLawrence) in

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