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ILOVE how Dex­ter talks to his fa­ther all the time. Just in ev­ery­day sit­u­a­tions. Driv­ing along in the car with him or what­ever, and they’re hav­ing a full-on con­ver­sa­tion.

Yeah, it’s al­ways a con­ver­sa­tion. His fa­ther is fully en­gaged in it, they’re back and forth. I mean, I say ev­ery­day sit­u­a­tions, but it’s mainly when Dex­ter is worked up over is he go­ing to have enough room to set up his por­ta­ble abat­toir wher­ever the bad guy he’s af­ter is head­ing or how is he go­ing to im­pro­vise since he’s left his stab­bing knives at home.

And then his fa­ther, who isn’t ac­tu­ally alive, dis­ap­pears, and I snap to and go, oh, that’s right, Dex­ter is psy­chotic.

Gee it’s easy to for­get that. I’m like his sis­ter in that sense. A lot of the au­di­ence is, which is why it works as a show.

‘‘ Maybe Deb has a blind spot when it comes to me,’’ Dex­ter said to Lu­men (Ju­lia Stiles) last week when she was ask­ing him why his sis­ter, an ap­par­ently cluey homi­cide de­tec­tive, has never pegged her brother as a killing ma­chine who’s put away up­wards of 70 peo­ple.

I also love how he breaks so many laws. Yes, the death. But also the traf­fic vi­o­la­tions. B&Es. Steals a car when he needs one. And so on. This is the se­ries fi­nale tonight. I feel some ten­sion think­ing about it.

Joey Quinn, the cop half go­ing out with Dex­ter’s sis­ter De­bra, is a jerk who’s been try­ing to pin some­thing on Dex­ter for ages, and now he’s in deep trou­ble be­cause of the blood that dripped on his shoe from that guy Dex­ter killed.

Joey, doughy Joey, didn’t even no­tice. Would we have no­ticed if blood was seep­ing out of a car on to our shoes? Yes we damned well would have.

That’s Peter Weller play­ing that pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor/ex cop Joey hired. Robo­cop Peter Weller. Ter­rific ac­tor. Creepy. And that’s say­ing some­thing in this show. Dex­ter Show­case, Fox­tel/Aus­tar 8.30pm

Ques­tions: Lu­men (Ju­lia Stiles)

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