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Iwas sur­prised last week, it’d only been three months since Mel was killed but ev­ery­one on Packed to the Rafters seemed pretty good. I ex­pected more cry­ing. Es­pe­cially from Ben. Her hus­band.

Clearly he’s rocked, his beard’s telling us that.

He’d been away some­where with his brother back­pack­ing and did you get the feel­ing it went a bit Wolf Creek on them, the way Ben came back and Nathan didn’t? And any time the fam­ily asked any­thing about Nathan, Ben changed the sub­ject and be­came all vague? Nor­mally Julie and Rachel wouldn’t have stood for that kind of ob­fus­ca­tion, I don’t know why no­body twigged some­thing was deeply amiss last week.

Nathan’s back tonight but af­ter his run in with Ivan Mi­lat in the woods . . . I’ll stop now. I’ve al­ready said too much. I thought they could’ve milked the mon­ster-in-law an­gle re Rita ver­sus Retta a bit more. Yes, a hideous cliche, but this isn’t Ib­sen here.

I’m quite lik­ing hav­ing Rita back, and I’m look­ing for­ward to what she might do to her cheat­ing hus­band’s per­sonal be­long­ings. And no, per­sonal be­long­ings isn’t code for gen­i­tals. She and Julie might have to start a cake busi­ness. That

Rocked: Ben (Hugh Sheri­dan)

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