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IALMOST want to give Mike & Molly four stars now. Based on this: the trailer I watched the other day for Brides­maids. Judd Apa­tow’s new movie. The girl who plays Molly is in it, Melissa McCarthy, and she’s hi­lar­i­ous. You would’ve seen it by now I’m sure. It’ll be ev­ery­where. The movie is out June 30, and it’s go­ing to be a smash hit, I’ve de­cided, be­cause it’s like The Han­gover, only funny, and it’s got all women who look nor­mal. There’s none of that self-loathing that runs through Sex and the City, and Jon Hamm’s in it.

So Mike & Molly. Molly has al­ways sounded to me like a name be­long­ing to a girl that could be a tiny bit round. I think it’s be­cause when you see it writ­ten down it looks like rolly. Molly. Rolly. She’s cute and a lit­tle bit chubby but Mike’s the one who looks like a con­tes­tant on The Biggest Loser — the dan­ger­ously obese Amer­i­can one too, not ours — who could have a heart episode while he’s ly­ing on top of you.

There are fat jokes at the start of the episode tonight I thought they could’ve left out. Sa­muel, who runs the cafe they all hang out at, makes most of them and does that seem right? The guy who

Hi­lar­i­ous: Melissa McCarthy

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