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THIS isn’t much help, Cit­i­zen Kane at three o’clock in the af­ter­noon. I some­times don’t mind Satur­days, an old movie, if it’s at a nor­mal time, or some weird show about a mass shoot­ing.

Ac­tu­ally, there’s a movie about a mass shoot­ing, but not the movie I want. 7Mate’s got some­thing at 8.30pm tonight called Zero Hour: Mas­sacre at Columbine High, but that sounds like it should be on at noon on a Mon­day.

My favourite Columbine film — if it’s all right to have a favourite— is Ele­phant. Gus Van Sant. It’s slow and moody and re­peats scenes and I don’t ex­pect to see it on 7Mate any­time in the fu­ture.

Your temp­ta­tion might be to watch Rag­ing Bull on ABC2 tonight, and I can’t stop you. Wouldn’t want to try. But let me just say this: I know there’s al­ways been this carry-on, but I can name three films with­out even think­ing about it in which Robert De Niro’s bet­ter.

And if you’ve ever seen Mean Streets and he’s stand­ing there next to Harvey Kei­tel, well, it’s like a so­lar eclipse. Harvey Kei­tel be­ing the moon in this anal­ogy. Robert De Niro’s the sun. Stay with me.

And the ABC needs to stop show­ing the episode of Mid­somer Mur­ders where the school kid gets stabbed on the cross-coun­try run and dies as he stag­gers across the fin­ish line in front of ev­ery­one in the quad­ran­gle or what­ever you call it. It’s on again tonight.

I hate this show and I still know how this episode ends. Be­gins. What takes place in the mid­dle of it. What Joyce wears to the blinkin’ rib­bon cut­ting.

So to re­cap: there is only one show to watch tonight and it’s this: Crea­ture from the Black La­goon. The mon­ster movie. King Kong in a swamp, ba­si­cally. Beau­ti­ful black and white pho­tog­ra­phy. And a great pair of swim­mers on Julie Adams. Crea­ture from the Black La­goon ABC2, 10.40pm Cit­i­zen Kane ABC1, 3pm

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