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DAVE Davies hosts a show about death and now Paul Barry is writ­ing his bi­og­ra­phy. Unau­tho­rised. Which means it’s go­ing to in­clude the time(s) he en­joyed re­la­tions with a con­sent­ing gum­boot.

But as he ex­plains to his agent Di (Deb­o­rah Kennedy in a very funny per­for­mance), it was only ever one gum­boot. ‘‘ I’m not a freak,’’ he says.

Davies is played, to the hilt, by Mick Mol­loy, back — where he be­longs — do­ing a sit­com. Hos­ing down the gum­boot ‘‘ ru­mour’’ is the first of a string of prob­lems Davies faces in the sec­ond se­ries of The Jesters.

The Jesters isn’t just the name of the show — it’s also the name of the satir­i­cal group who has its own show on the show. Yes, al­most ex­actly like The Chaser. They per­form a bit of a song tonight about Bernie Madoff, in front of Ju­lia, a net­work ex­ec­u­tive played by Susie Porter, in which one of them ap­pears as Fonzie with ‘‘ Ponzi’’ writ­ten on the back of his leather jacket.

When we re­con­nect with them tonight, Davies is re­moved some­what from The Jesters. It’s re­ally only an­other show com­ing out of his pro­duc­tion com­pany. Or so he says. Al­though he does let the guys know be­fore any­one else that Paul Barry is on the hunt for dirt and they shouldn’t talk to him. They lis­ten at­ten­tively, or look like they are, be­fore one of them, Zak, says, ‘‘ Right, so I shouldn’t speak to Paul Barry again’’.

This show is more fun than just about any­thing else on right now. (I say this with some con­fi­dence be­cause Louie has fin­ished on the Com­edy Chan­nel, al­though Tim and Eric Awe­some Show, Great Job! is still on. Wed­nes­day night, 10pm, an hour ear­lier in Queens­land.) Plus I like this sort of thing, be­cause it’s about show­biz and has real peo­ple in it, play­ing them­selves and be­ing stupid about it if nec­es­sary. It’s also pretty sharp. The Jesters Movie Ex­tra, Fox­tel/Aus­tar 8.30pm

Not a freak: Mick Mol­loy

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