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Wii, $99.95

★★★★ Kirby’s Epic Yarn is one of the most in­ven­tively pre­sented games in years.

The pink puff­ball has been sucked into a world where ev­ery­thing — the ground, sky, trees, rivers, build­ings, even Kirby — is cre­ated from fab­ric and yarn.

Ev­ery me­chanic in Kirby’s Epic Yarn is built to make the most of the premise. Kirby can lasso en­e­mies, rip­ping them into their com­po­nent pieces of string or bundling them into a ball of yarn that can be tossed.

He can also transform into a para­chute, a heavy block, a car, a sub­ma­rine, even a sin­gle, long piece of string, which is ideal for snaking through thin, maze-like tun­nels. The level de­sign makes ex­cel­lent use of the theme, too.

Kirby is able to en­ter door­ways in the back­ground fab­ric to go be­hind it, be­com­ing a lump on the ma­te­rial’s sur­face.

Stitching ma­te­rial can of­ten be pulled, bunch­ing up the fab­ric to bring plat­forms closer or re­veal a new path.

Ev­ery level in­tro­duces clever new game­play el­e­ments based on the fab­ric pre­sen­ta­tion, while ev­ery world has its own strik­ing vis­ual theme.

It’s a joy ex­plor­ing this world, see­ing the way the sur­face of the yarn-made wa­ter dances as Kirby drops into a river, sink­ing into the desert sand as the stitching be­neath Kirby comes apart line by line, or run­ning through a lava level where the back­ground fab­ric is charred from the heat, with scorched holes in its sur­face.

Break­ing up the game are boss bat­tles, bonus mis­sions and lev­els within lev­els where Kirby can morph from a UFO to a dol­phin to fire truck.

This unique 2D plat­former is highly rec­om­mended for kids.

Out Fe­bru­ary 24.

How long is a piece of string?: Kirby’s Epic Yarn is highly orig­i­nal.

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