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CORN. Al­ways a dis­turb­ing sign in a film. Right there — the movie called Signs. Had corn and Mel Gib­son in it. Chil­dren of the Corn. North by North­west. Car­ni­vale and the dead corn. And now there’s a dead per­son on Bones. In a corn­field.

Corn’s a grass, Dr Bren­nan tells the oth­ers when she fi­nally ar­rives at the crime scene. I thought for a minute she and Agent Booth were go­ing to just shrivel up and die out in the pad­dock. They couldn’t see any­thing and the corn was tall and dry and it was all look­ing very un­pleas­ant. It would’ve been a good way to end the se­ries.

Doesn’t hap­pen tonight, though. Tonight they’re in Vir­ginia and sur­rounded by hill­bil­lies from a cast­ing agency that got the memo and gave the pro­duc­ers what was re- quired. Over­all-wear­ing yokels who can’t talk proper, amen.

I haven’t spent a tremen­dous amount of time in front of this se­ries, but I start to see its ap­peal at the point where Dr Bren­nan, with Agent Booth in tow, is hav­ing a chat to the dead man’s fam­ily. It’s a large fam­ily, 11 chil­dren, and a lot of them are in the room when she makes the fol­low­ing state­ment: ‘‘ Ed must’ve en­joyed hav­ing sex with a preg­nant part­ner— I can tell how much time he spent cop­u­lat­ing’’.

Cas­tle also has a zingy in­ves­tiga­tive cou­ple, but it doesn’t have the weight of Bones. I’ve never seen any real forensic work take place on Cas­tle. It’s prob­a­bly more fun on any given day, but head-to­head tonight, Bones is the bet­ter episode. More go­ing on.

Cas­tle’s just a tiny bit silly. Though you will learn how to make a smor­lette — a marsh- mal­low and chocolate omelet. Yes, very handy. And also dis­gust­ing. But as its cre­ator Rick Cas­tle says: ‘‘ It’s kind of like David Has­sel­hoff. At first you’re re­pulsed, but then strangely you’re drawn in’’. Bones Chan­nel 7, 8.30pm Cas­tle Chan­nel 7, 9.30pm

Booth: David Bore­anaz

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