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IONLY men­tion Gen­er­a­tion Kill be­cause it’s the last episode. It was on last night as well, but what if you fell asleep or you for­got to set your recorder or some­thing . . .

Cougar Town, not ex­actly the same crowd, pos­si­bly. Though you never know. I mean, I watched both. I had a good laugh here, too. Or more of a gig­gle, re­ally. It’s kind of silly, but it’s a bit of fun.

And I tell you what, Courteney Cox is look­ing fan­tas­tic. There’d be an amount of ef­fort go­ing on there, the hair and the make-up and clearly more than that, but the re­ward’s there. I’m dy­ing to see Scream 4. She’s been great in those movies.

Any­way. Jules — Cox’s char­ac­ter — is turn­ing 42 to­mor­row in this episode of Cougar Town, and she’s mak­ing her hot boyfriend Grayson — Josh Hop­kins — ad­just his age. Up. He’s only 40, but she’s ‘‘ mak­ing’’ him bump it up to 43. They’re hav­ing a few drinks with her friend Laurie and the neigh­bours El­lie and Andy, who might be the best thing about the show, and dis­cussing what they’re go­ing to do to­mor­row . . . one op­tion, sug­gested by Laurie, ends with Jules say­ing ‘‘ I’m go­ing to put shoot­ing chil­dren in the maybe pile’’.

So there’s a dark­ish streak here, and I’m happy about that — also that there’s no laugh track. Very happy.

Jules is in­cred­i­bly self­in­volved and this episode is all about her and her birth­day and what the oth­ers are go­ing to buy her. She as­sem­bles them to es­tab­lish the ground rules — no gift tags (fair enough) and no char­ity presents. She’s still up­set about the ele­phant Laurie bought her once.

‘‘ Screw Tuk Tuk. I don’t want to hear about Tuk Tuk un­less you got a neck­lace made out of his tusk,’’ she says.

You’ll get even more out of this episode if you know that film from the ’ 90s, The Usual Sus­pects. Cougar Town Chan­nel 7, 10.30pm Gen­er­a­tion Kill ABC2, 10pm

Birth­day: Courteney Cox

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