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HAN­NAH Mon­tana is over and it may also be just about over for Mi­ley Cyrus. None of us, I’d say, cares and she prob­a­bly doesn’t ei­ther – she has all that money to com­fort her. Her fam­ily, on the other hand – well, they wouldn’t want that cash cow dry­ing up, I don’t sup­pose.

This fi­nale is a care­fully con­structed piece de­signed to ex­plain to the dim-wit­ted among us – and that would be all of us – that Han­nah and Mi­ley aren’t the same per­son.

In case you were still won­der­ing what it meant when Han­nah took her wig off on stage a few weeks ago. I agree, it’s all very con­fus­ing. We can only imag­ine how ev­ery­one who knew her felt.

Id­i­otic, is how. Four sea­sons and they didn’t twig? No­body on this show ever struck me as overly bright, but I al­ways thought that might have been down to my prej­u­dice about Billy Ray Cyrus’s hair. And pos­si­bly his voice.

Have you heard Mi­ley talk? I can’t get over that. She sings and it’s like all those other Dis­ney cre­ations, then she speaks and it’s like Krusty the Clown’s Ve­gas act.

Much bet­ter if you’re that age – and bear­ing in mind I have no idea what age that is – to watch Priv­i­leged. This is the last episode, a shame be­cause not only does it end on a knife edge – a but­ter knife maybe – there’s no sec­ond se­ries.

So when Me­gan, the star of the show (tu­tor to two rich kids in Palm Beach), wakes up in a di­shev­elled state af­ter Marco the fam­ily chef’s con­tro­ver­sial (gay) wed­ding (pulled to­gether by event plan­ner Kathy Grif­fin), well, we’ll never know how she wound up.

This show is based on a book I’ll never read ei­ther, How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls, by Zoey Dean. It’s like a younger Gos­sip Girl, only with less Chanel and more se­ri­ous ram­i­fi­ca­tions. Priv­i­leged GO! 4.30pm Han­nah Mon­tana Dis­ney Chan­nel, Fox­tel/ Aus­tar, 6.30pm

Plan­ner: Kathy Grif­fin

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