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IDON’T know how grad­ual Phillipa Finch’s demise is. An episode only goes for two min­utes, so not very. It’s more what you’d call a plum­met. And she’s re­ally ca­reer­ing to­wards the edge tonight. She takes a good long look at her­self, which is what she does all the time any­way, and con­sults her in­ner physi­cian, who is por­trayed as an owl— it’s adorable.

I was wor­ried/mildly con- cerned I wouldn’t like this show, but sat through the whole se­ries in one go. I know, what a sol­dier — a whole 34 min­utes. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of this. But 10 o’clock Tues­days, what else would you be do­ing?

Phillipa’s de­pressed and a tiny bit self-de­struc­tive, and as in­ward look­ing as a teenager, or as Toni Col­lette says in one bit (she’s the nar­ra­tor): ‘‘ Phillipa Finch had set up a chaise longue for her­self in the realm of the emo­tion­ally thwarted and per­haps she would’ve re­mained there in a pas­sion­less state with only tea bags as a source of com­fort and a small win­dow for com­pany . . .’’

The draw­ing here (it’s an­i­mated) is ter­rific, and Phillipa’s half-pa­thetic/hal­fap­peal­ing (ul­ti­mately fu­tile?) search for a mean­ing­ful re­la­tion­ship, even one with her­self, is gen­uinely ab­sorb­ing. Maybe that’s closer to 60-40 on the pa­thetic/ap­peal­ing — she did go to art col­lege.

Nurse Jackie’s demise I would de­scribe as grad­ual. But gee, she must only just be hold­ing it to­gether. Have you seen her chemist bill? Yes, she ac­tu­ally has to pay for those drugs some­times. Quite of­ten, by the look of it. She hasn’t just slept her way into ad­dic­tion. Or she has, but that’s not keep­ing her there. Es­pe­cially now that Ed­die the phar­ma­cist has been re­placed by a ma­chine. I don’t mean in her bed­room, al­though that could be true. I mean the dis­pens­ing ma­chine in the hos­pi­tal. Nurse Jackie Eleven, 9.30pm The Grad­ual Demise of Phillipa Finch ABC1, 10pm

Chemist bill: Edie Falco

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