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isn’t un­usual— as ‘‘ ex­tremely dan­ger­ous and wicked to one’s mind’’.

Bore­anaz was so burnt out af­ter Buffy and An­gel that he was re­luc­tant to star in Bones.

‘‘ It’s re­ally gru­elling,’’ Bore­anaz says.

‘‘ Those sea­sons of grind­ing (on Buffy and An­gel) be­cause of the spe­cial ef­fects, the make-up, (and) the fight se- quences— it re­ally ages you in a lot of ways in­ter­nally and ex­ter­nally.’’ That was some­thing Deschanel had to learn the hard way.

‘‘ Be­cause this was my first se­ries, I found it in­cred­i­bly over­whelm­ing at first,’’ Deschanel says.

‘‘ I was over­whelmed com­pletely by the sched­ule and the stress of ev­ery­thing. Be­cause you are so com­pressed (rushed for time), you just do a cou­ple of takes and then there is so much pres­sure.

‘‘ I had a mini ner­vous break­down.’’

Deschanel re­alised some­thing had to change.

She had to re­lax, not be such a per­fec­tion­ist, and learn to let go.

The tac­tic has worked. She is in a much happier place and Bones is a rat­ings hit, with around 12 mil­lion view­ers in the US in its sixth sea­son.

‘‘ I’m the kind of per­son who will put stress on my­self, even if I was on a beach, so I had to learn (to re­lax),’’ Deschanel says.

‘‘ I think tele­vi­sion is won­der­ful in the way you can’t over-think some­thing.

‘‘ You just do it and some­times you don’t get the best per­for­mance.’’

Bones is renowned for the light-hearted ban­ter be­tween Bren­nan and Booth. Deschanel and Bore­anaz make a great combo.

The ro­man­tic ten­sion be­tween the leads — shades of Cy­bill Shep­herd and Bruce Wil­lis in Moon­light­ing — is part of the show’s suc­cess.

In sea­son five, Booth kissed Bren­nan and told her she was the one he wanted to spend his life with, but Bren­nan re­jected his ad­vances.

The sixth se­ries of Bones cen­tres on Bren­nan’s re­ac­tion to Booth’s new ro­man­tic part­ner Han­nah Bur­ley (Kath­eryn Win­nick).

Booth has just pro­posed to Han­nah. In an­other fu­ture episode, Booth and Bren­nan will re­port­edly be stuck in an el­e­va­tor and forced to deal with their feel­ings.

‘‘ I think the re­la­tion­ship be­tween Han­nah and Booth has cre­ated this great con­flict (for Bren­nan) be­cause she loves Booth,’’ Deschanel says.

‘‘ She’s re­alised she might have made a mis­take by say­ing bye to Booth last sea­son, but it is too late be­cause he is with this woman.’’

Bore­anaz agrees, say­ing that it was time for Booth to ‘‘ move on’’.

‘‘ Peo­ple say, ‘ When are you guys go­ing to get to­gether?’ and I say, ‘ We are to­gether, we’re just not to­gether in the way that you would like us to be to­gether. I mean, we are not wak­ing up in bed to­gether’,’’ Bore­anaz says.

What­ever hap­pens, you know that Deschanel is tak­ing a more care­free attitude to film­ing these days.

‘‘ You just say, ‘ Screw it, I didn’t get that scene’ or, ‘ The whole episode I was ter­ri­ble’ or, ‘ It was just too much, I was ex­hausted’, but you have to be like, ‘ It is OK, you have the next episode’,’’ she says with a laugh. Bones, Chan­nel 7, Sun­day, 8.30pm

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