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JONATHAN Cake’s in this Marple tonight. He’s an ac­tor. His last name’s Cake. I just looked up the White Pages (res­i­den­tial) to see if there were Cakes in Aus­tralia and there are hardly any. Lucky Cakes, hav­ing such a fan­tas­tic name.

The other name I was in­ter­ested in, but maybe not quite as much, was Holly Valance. She’s also in this. Lovely Holly from Neigh­bours. Plays a girl named Kanga. Yes. Kanga. Not en­tirely sure why but I won­der, and this is only a stab in the dark, if it might be be­cause she’s from Aus­tralia.

She is, in fact, praised — at least I think all Aus­tralians who watch this episode should take it as praise — by the (shady/creepy) owner of The Pale Horse Inn at Much Deep­ing for her plain and forth­right an­tipodean voice.

Her hair looks

like the Queen’s and she never gets down to any­thing less than a cardi­gan and a wool skirt, so it’s pos­si­ble you might get through the show with­out re­al­is­ing it’s ac­tu­ally Holly.

She’s pretty good though, holds her own against the rest of the be­wil­dered gather­ing. Kanga is one of a col­lec­tion of guests who . . . oh why bother. You know the drill here. Group of peo­ple, one or more of them dies, gee that seemed

Roo the day: Holly Valance sud­den, the po­lice are held up to ridicule by Miss Marple, the end.

I can’t say I’m lov­ing Ju­lia McKen­zie as the old biddy. I’d pre­fer it if she poured on the ad­dled a bit more, so that when she re­veals her crime­solv­ing ge­nius to the lo­cal plod, it’s more dra­matic.

She’s just as sharp as any­one else, and that’s not right. But she is ini­tially dis­missed here by the po­lice, and we all get to think to our­selves, dopey cop­pers, at your peril.

But if they in­sist on keep­ing Agatha Christie go­ing, I wish they’d pay Quentin Tarantino to do one.

For all the death that takes place, they’re very blood­less. Seems wrong. Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: The Pale Horse ABC1, 8.30pm

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