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ISWEAR this is true — ev­ery per­son I’ve men­tioned Ugly Amer­i­cans to, they’ve had ex­actly the same re­ac­tion: Oh, OK — a doc­u­men­tary? So to re­cap: Ugly Amer­i­cans is not a doc­u­men­tary. It’s a car­toon. Parts of it will feel very real, though. The stuff that takes place in the Depart­ment of In­te­gra­tion, for in­stance, where the main char­ac­ters all work: Cal­lie Mag­got­bone, Leonard Pow­ers, Twayne the Bone Raper — one of the Connecticut Bone Rap­ers — and Mark Lilly.

Twayne is in mid­dle man­age­ment, plus he’s a de­mon of some sort who prob­a­bly has three nip­ples, be­cause tonight he’s be­ing fit­ted for a triple­breasted suit so he can look his best for Tree­gasm, the on­cein-a-gen­er­a­tion mat­ing fes­ti­val for Cen­tral Park’s tree crea­tures, or tree­tures.

Tourists are flock­ing to the city from all over the world, Good Morn­ing New York re­ports. Me­dia cov­er­age is al­most at sat­u­ra­tion point, driv­ing Mark Lilly crazy.

He hates Tree­gasm, he tells his flat­mate Ran­dall (a zom­bie). Ran­dall, who will lose one of his favourite body parts in an emo­tional yet hi­lar­i­ous side­bar to this main tree sto­ry­line tonight, is a big fan of Tree­gasm.

Cool: Twayne and Leonard

‘‘ It com­bines the beauty of na­ture with the filth of pornog­ra­phy,’’ he says as he changes chan­nels and be­gins watch­ing Tree­gasm: A Ret­ro­spec­tive, which in­cludes old footage from the last fes­ti­val that looks a lot like Wood­stock.

This is a crazy show, but not that crazy. Mark is the only hu­man in it — he’s a so­cial worker. Tonight he’s as­signed to Neil and Nicky, the two trees who are go­ing to be hav­ing sex. (Nicky’s proud par­ents are in­ter­viewed about the big event: ‘‘ We chose Neil be­cause he’s the only tree around.’’) Ev­ery­one else in the show is un­dead or su­per­nat­u­ral some­thing or other. Cal­lie, I’m pos­i­tive, is the devil’s spawn Mia Far­row gave birth to in Rose­mary’s Baby ... Ugly Amer­i­cans SBS One, 10pm

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