OMG, as they say in Utah. I can’t see this de­vel­op­ment help­ing Alby

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ILOVE how ev­ery time Bill Hen­rick­son shags an­other woman he comes across all I’ve­been-tested-and-failed. Re­li­gion’s great like that. Do you think he’s go­ing to try to bring Ana into the fam­ily again? How long were they mar­ried be­fore? Two days? The baby’s his, but I can’t help feel­ing there’s more to this.

What a won­der­ful show Big Love is. Or se­ries re­ally, be­cause it has been fan­tas­tic from day one. But deep into the fourth sea­son, and we’ve seen so much growth in the char­ac­ters, I feel as if it’s bet­ter than ever now.

I thought I’d re­ally miss Harry Dean Stan­ton — he gave the show such creepy hat-wear­ing mal­ice, plus a beau­ti­ful singing voice— but there has been so much go­ing on I haven’t even no­ticed he’s gone.

So how’s Alby walk­ing in on Dale in their apart­ment last week? OMG, as they say in Utah. I can’t see this de­vel­op­ment help­ing Alby’s, let’s say, feel­ings of anger.

What makes this show work are so many el­e­ments com­ing to­gether — the ma­te­rial, the writ­ing, the acting — but I think chiefly one thing: Bill Pax­ton and his char­ac­ter Bill Hen­rick­son. A fairly ugly per­son. Came from noth­ing. The rest of the fam­ily are low-to medium-level crim­i­nals who are al­ways on the look­out for the next scam.

His brother Joey is a for­mer pro­fes­sional foot­ball player turned mur­derer, his par­ents — mas­sive scene-steal­ers Bruce Dern and Grace Zabriskie — are cur­rently in Mex­ico, with Bill’s el­dest son Ben, be­ing held at gun­point by the de­ranged Hol­lis Greene, af­ter their bird-smuggling op­er­a­tion sud­denly turned bad.

Bill thinks they’re in Wy­oming on a camp­ing trip. But he won’t for much longer — Bill and Joey head to Mex­ico this week for a show­down with the Greenes to bring Ben home.

Even though Ben wants very much to have sex with Bill’s third wife Mar­gene.

Bill’s own ca­reer hasn’t en­tirely been on the up and up. And now he’s run­ning for the state se­nate.

How he ex­pects to keep the lid on the wives and the hill­bil­lies and Ju­niper Creek and Ana’s preg­nancy and his own life of crime, well, it’s go­ing to be in­ter­est­ing.

There’s also the added prob­lem of Mar­i­lyn Den­sham and what ex­actly she’s up to and why.

Mar­i­lyn’s a suit-wear­ing lob­by­ist from Wash­ing­ton, the dead­li­est breed in cap­tiv­ity. She’s played by Sissy Spacek, whose ac­cent says South­ern and po­lite.

This is the same thing Bill Pax­ton has. The man’s played astro­nauts and storm chasers, a tall Amer­i­can pre­pared to risk his life in bad weather. There’s none of that here. We went into Big Love ex­pect­ing to au­to­mat­i­cally like him based on his Bill Pax­ton­ness, but Bill Hen­rick­son has given us few rea­sons to. More than meets the eye: So you think Bill Pax­ton is like­able? You might change your mind af­ter you see him as Bill Hen­rick­son.

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