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ISEE Cuddy has taken to wear­ing un­flat­ter­ing, check­ered shorts to bed. That’s even though she and House have only been to­gether a few months. It seems much longer, her sis­ter re­marks, and I agree — ev­i­dent by the sleep­wear, which sug­gests ei­ther the re­la­tion­ship’s dead or it’s old.

Let’s face it, checks are bad just about any­where; they don’t even do ta­bles any favours, so I’m deeply con­cerned about where things are headed for this pair.

But as it hap­pens they have other things to worry about — and soon, when Cuddy goes to the bath­room and finds she’s weeing blood.

Hardly any real medicine in this episode: Only two pa­tients, or three, if we count House and they both present with the same symp­toms.

Looks like weeing blood is the new black, is how he puts it. Call a plumber, could be the s-bend is my first thought, but no­body does.

The pa­tient who isn’t the dean of medicine and there­fore not so much of a pri­or­ity is a 16-year-old kid who seems a bit de­pressed.

He’s ‘‘ on pot’’, Dr Square says gravely, but he’s also bonded with him, based on their mu­tual de­pressed state.

He tells him how much pres­sure he was un­der when he was at med school, and I’m sure it re­ally helps this teenage drug dealer.

I didn’t care at all about this bo­gus sto­ry­line. It’s only half done, it all just feels awk­ward.

It’s the Cuddy-House plot that’ll in­ter­est you tonight.

It feels a bit pushed through and I’m not sure what the rush is. Maybe they needed the bed, but the drama al­most takes sec­ond billing to the dream se­quences. There are sev­eral; all high-pro­duc­tion glossy fun — one elab­o­rate mu­si­cal num­ber lasts about three min­utes.

See if you can iden­tify the inspiration for the oth­ers.

OK, here’s a hint: House plays Char­lie Sheen in one of them. I don’t know how they man­aged to time that. House Chan­nel 10, 8.30pm

House: needs a plumber

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