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THE MAIN thing I know about Ron and Reg­gie Kray is that the twins from Span­dau Bal­let played them in the movie. And I say this as some­body who, I am al­most cer­tain, has ac­tu­ally seen the film. Do you think they got the job be­cause a) they were fan­tas­tic ac­tors, or b) be­cause no­body could think of any other twins? I’m go­ing to go with that one, b.

So I’m bring­ing up the Krays be­cause why? Well, you know how last sea­son on Whitechapel, some­body was go­ing round killing peo­ple us­ing Jack the Ripper’s ef­fec­tive sys­tem? You might’ve been watch­ing the re­peats — the ABC just ran the first se­ries again, it fin­ished just in time for the sec­ond sea­son, start­ing tonight. I like it when they do that. Any­way, this time it’s the Kray brothers, from the 1960s. Fifties and six­ties. Mas­sively vi­o­lent pair, nutty as squir­rels. Some­body’s hurt­ing peo­ple — old crims though, not just ev­ery­day sorts — carv­ing them up in the same bad way.

I wish some­body would make an­other movie about the Krays. They were huge celebri­ties, ev­ery­one went to their clubs, one of them was gay, it’s all there. Who would you cast though . . . the Gal­laghers? From Oa­sis? Bit old and fat.

Crazy: Ru­pert Penry-Jones You al­most could though. Ru­pert Penry-Jones is back play­ing Joe Chan­dler, the unim­peach­able de­tec­tive who’s been go­ing crazy be­hind a desk, wait­ing for a case like this. But can he han­dle it, his sergeant Miles wants to know. Be­cause it’s not go­ing to be a fair fight. ‘‘ It’s a scrap, where the mean­est hard­est bas­tard wins.’’ he says.

Miles got stabbed by the Ripper last sea­son, so he’s a bit leery. ‘‘ You don’t know what I’m ca­pa­ble of,’’ Chan­dler tells him. It’s very ex­cit­ing. They’ll be fine, though, be­cause they’ve got Ed­ward Buchan, the weirdo ama­teur de­tec­tive, who’ll do half the work for them.

I can­not be­lieve he’s played by Steve Pem­ber­ton, the guy from The League of Gentle­men. Hi­lar­i­ous. Whitechapel ABC1, 9.25pm

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