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THQ, $119.95 world­of­draw.com

★★★★ There are just so many tablets about, it’s hardly sur­pris­ing that games maker THQ has re­leased one for use with the Nin­tendo Wii. How­ever, like all Wii prod­ucts, its use is in­ven­tive. The uDraw GameTablet has space for the Wi­imote and of­fers a large, pen­cil-shaped sty­lus with but­tons and a mov­ing nib. Users can grip this sty­lus and draw on the tablet’s touch­sen­si­tive panel to colour in ob­jects in uDraw Stu­dio or sketch mys­tery items in Pic­tionary. This tablet is also mo­tion-sen­si­tive and users must tilt it to ad­vance through lev­els in Dood’s Big Ad­ven­ture.

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