This is a crowd that says quaff when they mean drink

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PEO­PLE think para­noia is a bad thing. Un­sta­ble. But re­ally, all it means is you’re very, very ob­ser­vant. Do you think you’d no­tice if you were drink­ing with some­one and they were wear­ing gloves?

You would if they were rub­ber gloves, like they were do­ing the wash­ing-up, for sure. Or thin la­tex ones like in a hos­pi­tal. That might be weird. But nice leather ones? Maybe not. Es­pe­cially if the drink was some­thing that kind of worked with gloves. One of those dark spir­its they all drink on Spooks.

I’m sorry, I should’ve said quaff. This is a crowd that says quaff when they mean drink. And a bot­tle of some­thing’s de­scribed as quaf­fa­ble.

Spooks up­sets peo­ple. Or its treat­ment by the ABC up­sets peo­ple. Mainly, why can’t they put it on one sec­ond af­ter it’s been on in the UK?

So maybe you’ve seen this se­ries al­ready, the one start­ing this week. Pos­si­bly il­le­gally. But I just think, what tele­vi­sion show, what any­thing in life, is so im­por­tant that you can’t just wait for it to turn up when it does?

And what if you never see it? So what?

The prob­lems only start if you read about things you don’t want to ac­ci­den­tally, on­line, the way I did about the per­son who was in­side the build­ing that blew up at the end of the last se­ries. You know the one.

And may I also sug­gest cau­tion if you care deeply about Spooks and go to read any­thing about it any time soon? I found out some­thing fairly ma­jor the other day about one of the main char­ac­ters. It’s the kind of in­for­ma­tion that would drive you ab­so­lutely nuts if you were a fan.

You’ll need a blan­ket ap­proach, to­tal me­dia black­out, be­cause it’s ev­ery­where. Spooks is on the in­ter­net. Just so you know. You won’t hear it from me, of course.

I don’t even like this show that much. It’s kind of stupid and pre­ten­tious a lot of the time. But I re­ally liked this week’s open­ing episode. It’s a lot of fun. And so’s the new home sec­re­tary.

Ob­vi­ously there’s a ter­ror­ist threat, that’s a given, and this one takes place on and then in the wa­ter.

This re­quires Lu­cas North to spend a sub­stan­tial part of the episode on a large boat in the mid­dle of the ocean with their new­est re­cruit.

Richard Ar­mitage might have to step up now that Ros — Ros! — has, well, re­tired, and this as­sign­ment is par­tic­u­larly dan­ger­ous. Like all of them. But you won’t have seen ship­board ac­tion like this since the last time you watched an episode of Love Boat.

But as hot as Lu­cas North is, it’s Harry Pearce’s show this week. Based on one very tense, yet very civilised scene. You wait un­til you see it.

Dan­ger­ous: Beth Bai­ley (Sophia Myles), Lu­cas North (Richard Ar­mitage) and Dim­itri Levendis (Max Brown) in

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