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HUGH Laurie was go­ing to be Jonathan Creek. He was at­tached for a while, Alan Davies says, and then he changed his mind. I can to­tally pic­ture him in the role, can’t you? I haven’t even watched that many Jonathan Creeks and I can still see him in it. He would’ve been great.

House I don’t nec­es­sar­ily love, but Hugh Laurie is a big tal­ent. Very funny. I was read­ing some of his quotes just then — no rea­son, I went to look up what he was do­ing ca­reer-wise when Jonathan Creek started that might’ve made him de­cide not to go ahead with it . . . the Spice Girls movie?

Alan Davies — who didn’t say no to Jonathan Creek — is the first guest on the new se­ries of A Quiet Word With ... I have no rec­ol­lec­tion of this show be­ing on at the end of last year, but ap­par­ently it was. Late on a Tues­day.

It’s a bet­ter time slot this year, or ear­lier any­way, which is just as well, given that Tony Martin went to Lon­don to in­ter­view some of these peo­ple.

A few re­ally good ones ahead . . . or po­ten­tially, you just never know. Tony Martin — the co­me­dian? Wears glasses? Not the ac­tor from E Street who also played Neddy Smith in Blue Mur­der

The right stuff: Tony Martin — and I don’t mean Blue Mur­der that Caro­line Quentin from Jonathan Creek was in.

I mean Blue Mur­der, one of the great­est tele­vi­sion shows to ever be made in this coun­try. Caro­line Quentin’s Blue Mur­der was ter­ri­ble. Alan Davies has an in­ter­est­ing story about why she left Jonathan Creek.

I could see why they put him on first. He’s amus­ing and en­ter­tain­ing, and has enough self-dep­re­ca­tion to make us like him. Drops a few in­dus­try names, peo­ple we all know, gives us a bit of in­sider dirt, talks about Aus­tralia . . . does ev­ery­thing right.

Tony Martin does too. Doesn’t in­ter­rupt, is him­self funny, which we al­ready know, but not so funny that the guest is go­ing to hate him. A Quiet Word With . . . ABC1, 9.30pm

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