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OH DEAR. Mrs Gar­ret. Alma. Alma, Alma, Alma. I’m ask­ing my­self if Dead­wood can get any bet­ter and one of the voices in my head is say­ing yes, it can, and it’s go­ing to hap­pen next week when Fran­cis Wolcott has a bit of a turn.

The guy play­ing Wolcott is Gar­ret Dil­lahunt. Dil­lahunt also played the guy who killed Wild Bill Hickok in the first se­ries. Jack Mc­Call. Who then died. And now he’s back play­ing some­body com­pletely dif­fer­ent. With a beard and nice clothes. He’s not very nice though, is he. No. A few is­sues go­ing on there.

This episode is called Com­pli­ca­tions and damn right. The whole place, Dead­wood it­self, is one prob­lem af­ter an­other. And not al­ways af­ter. Of­ten at the same time.

How’s Cy Tol­liver go­ing to re­group? It’ll take some do­ing. Wolcott’s got it all over him at the mo­ment.

I love that line Cy de­liv­ered when Wolcott, all show, ar­rived in town and he walked into Cy’s place and Cy asks him what he’ll have and Wolcott says, Ken­tucky bour­bon if you got it, and Cy says to the bar­man, ‘‘ Pour Mr Wolcott a bour­bon, Jack, and tell him it’s from Ken­tucky.’’

I’m prob­a­bly more con-

A bit ran­dom: Alma Gar­ret cerned about Alma, played by Molly Parker. Sev­eral things, in­clud­ing that she ran­domly sacked Sofia’s tu­tor, so I’d like to see her buy the ho­tel from E.B. Far­num. And not just be­cause he’s a dill. A fab­u­lously en­ter­tain­ing dill.

I’ve also re­ally en­joyed Johnny and Dan lately, and their hov­er­ing over Al Swearen­gen. Johnny’s try­ing to tell Al tonight all about Jarry, the county com­mis­sioner, and the min­ing claims no­tice he gave Mer­rick to pub­lish in his pa­per and that Mer­rick just put up out­side his of­fice. And Al’s like, Johnny, I want you to stop think­ing now.

Weren’t they just rocked to dis­cover that Al was ac­tu­ally a per­son? Who could get sick and pos­si­bly die on them? Dead­wood ABC2, 9.30pm

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