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PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Out: 2011 When The Lord of the Rings: War in the North comes out later this year, it will fill in a lit­tle-known but im­por­tant part of the saga of the de­struc­tion of the One Ring. It will tell the tale of an­other fel­low­ship; a dwarf, ranger and elf, and their per­ilous battle against the forces of Agan­daur, one of Sau­ron’s chief lieu­tenants.

By fight­ing to de­fend the last strongholds of the free peo­ples in the north, gamers will play a cru­cial role in de­fend­ing all of Mid­dle Earth, and save beloved lo­ca­tions such as Lothlo­rien and Riven­dell.

Ac­tion is very much the fo­cus of War in the North, and the game doesn’t shy away from de­pict­ing bloody and bru­tal com­bat. In Switched On’s time with the game, we fought along snow-cov­ered paths in the Misty Moun­tains, lop­ping off orc heads and try­ing to avoid thun­der­ous strikes from tow­er­ing trolls.

Im­por­tantly, play­ers will form their own fel­low­ships as War in the North is de­signed to be played by three peo­ple co­op­er­a­tively. In­deed, each char­ac­ter has his or her own unique abil­i­ties that are de­signed to com­ple­ment one an­other, so work­ing to­gether will be para­mount.

The dwarf is very much a pow­er­ful melee fighter, able to dish out and take dam­age. The ranger, on the other hand, is as skilled with bow as he is with sword, and can be­come tem­po­rar­ily in­vis­i­ble to get the jump on en­e­mies. The elf has pow­er­ful mag­i­cal skills, in­clud­ing the abil­ity to cast a pro­tec­tive bub­ble around the party.

Im­por­tantly, each player can mould his or her char­ac­ter as the game pro­gresses. Each has 20 abil­i­ties they can learn and up­grade. CAM SHEA

Ac­tion: Gamers will play a cru­cial role in de­fend­ing Mid­dle Earth.

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