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CRISTINA is go­ing fish­ing and Mered­ith is deeply con­cerned be­cause there are no proper bath­room fa­cil­i­ties in the woods. I don’t know where she thinks that say­ing does a bear ----in the woods orig­i­nated. She car­ries on and on about it (there are no bath­rooms, Cristina) to the point where I’m start­ing to ques­tion her abil­ity to prac­tise medicine. Again. And so’s Cri- stina (San­dra Oh), who clearly put in her own catheter hours ago. I don’t know what hap­pened to Cristina — is this still trauma from the shoot­ing that took place last sea­son, and if so, surely that should’ve worn off by now.

But this is net­work tele­vi­sion, for cry­ing out loud. The in­ci­dent has plainly done un­told dam­age if she thinks fish­ing is the cure. Fish­ing with Derek Shep­herd. Who, as a brain sur­geon, keeps telling her to switch off her brain. The other doc­tors are also do­ing very lit­tle.

The last time I watched this show Tor­res was a les­bian; tonight she’s in the shower with Mark Sloan, dis­cussing the sex they had last night.

She’s clean­ing her teeth in the shower, too, so we can see she’s thought­less about a range of is­sues, not just her girl­friend, Ari­zona, who’s sav­ing or­phaned chil­dren in Africa.

Mark Sloan would pre­fer to be nail­ing Mered­ith’s sis­ter Lexie though, he tells Tor­res, who goes on to do a hip re­place­ment un­ruf­fled.

Lexie, she tells an op­er­at­ing theatre of se­nior doc­tors, re­ally, re­ally wanted a pony when she was a child, which means she’ll more than likely now get to pull a gall blad­der out of an un­con­scious per­son’s mouth. I won­der if the un­con­scious per­son is aware of this tech­nique? The gall blad­der’s in a lit­tle bag; it looks like one of those ones you put your hosiery in when you wash it.

To re­cap: Some­one shuts a door in some­one’s face, some­one asks some­one else to go out with them, some­one asks some­one to marry them and fis­tula is said too many times. Grey’s Anatomy Chan­nel 7, 8.30pm

Catheter: San­dra Oh

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