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THE dumbest show mas­querad­ing as smart on tele­vi­sion opens with de­tec­tive Danny Rea­gan get­ting a phone call in the mid­dle of the night from a pros­ti­tute. Why are you call­ing, Anna? ‘‘ I’m just scared.’’ And look at that, she washes up dead next morn­ing.

‘‘ Beau­ti­ful young girl,’’ says Ren­zulli, the part­ner of Danny’s brother Jamie, an­other cop. ‘‘ Still got her make-up on,’’ Jamie says. ‘‘ Must’ve just hap­pened.’’ To which Ren­zulli says, ‘‘ Ours is not to spec­u­late.’’

No cop likes to see a dead hooker, es­pe­cially not a beau­ti­ful one, and as her for­mer pimp tells Danny later, he can give him the spe­cial NYPD rate any time he comes by.

Danny feels bad about it all, but his part­ner Jackie has a plan to crack the case. ‘‘ We’re gonna fig­ure out who did this and we’re gonna string him up by his fam­ily jewels.’’

Mean­while, the po­lice com­mis­sioner and fa­ther of these Rea­gan chil­dren, Frank, has walked into his of­fice and been talked through the overnight crime list by his as­sis­tant Baker . . . Noth­ing very bad be­cause he is a truly ex­cep­tional po­lice com­mis­sioner.

Oh, and de­tec­tive Wil­liam Carter called. They’ve found hu­man re­mains that might be linked to a case you and he worked on 25 years ago.

In­stantly he knows what she’s talk­ing about. He’s all, tell my de­tail I’m go­ing out, be­cause as a ma­jor cop he needs a crew to pro­tect him, and she’s like, what about your 0900 chiefs’ brief­ing, and he’s like, push it, push it real good.

Straight away we know this can only be about a mur­dered child, be­cause noth­ing else has the power to make Frank Rea­gan say Can­cel All My Sched­ule, and Noth­ing Un­der­mines Our Way Of Life More Than The Tak­ing Of It. (Re­ally, Frank? Re­ally?)

I have to won­der if Frank Rea­gan isn’t the killer, be­cause with his dyed hair and mous­tache and eye­brows, he looks a tiny bit creepy. Blue Bloods Chan­nel 10, 9.30pm

Ex­cep­tional: Tom Sel­leck

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