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THE world is di­vided, per­haps not evenly or ra­tio­nally, be­tween those who se­ri­ously doubt the ve­rac­ity of Spooks and those who be­lieve ev­ery last word.

Me, I’m a be­liever. No doubt about any of it.

Un­less, of course, we are ex­pected to be­lieve that if Sir Harry and Ruth were ever to move in to­gether, one of them would not poi­son, stran­gle or shoot the other over break­fast. Tonight’s episode, how­ever, is one that has been sent to try all true be­liev­ers: is there re­ally, for ex­am­ple, a sub­stance called parox­o­cy­bin which, were a mod­icum of it to be re­leased in our midst by the un­godly, would kill us all in our beds?

And is Walt Dis­ney’s frozen head re­ally buried un­der the Pi­rates of the Caribbean ride in Dis­ney­land? Ac­tu­ally, I be­lieved that bit. Good place for it, all things con­sid­ered.

Tonight is all about the fu­tile rev­o­lu­tion­ary strug­gle against Soviet dom­i­na­tion by the res­i­dents of a place called Azak­stan. In which I be­lieve, ob­vi­ously.

Much of the ac­tion re­volves around Sir Harry’s play­ing of the new Bri­tish Home Sec­re­tary — clearly a Tory, a bit of a chubby bear, and prob­a­bly a goose. His pre­de­ces­sors, you may re­call, came to sticky ends — one by ter­ror­ist bomb, the other when he was fool­ish enough to swal­low a drink poured for him by Sir Harry. Did you see how he did that, Ruth?

Any­way, there is some ripper techno stuff, in­clud­ing satel­lite sur­veil­lance so sen­si­tive that it could iden­tify the cologne a ter­ror­ist was wear­ing on the other side of the globe. Which is handy.

The body count is high. And there are some promis­ing back­sto­ries de­vel­op­ing other than the Sir Harry/Ruth sex­ual ten­sion. Who, for ex­am­ple, is Lu­cas North, re­ally? What is his se­cret? Will it bring about his un­do­ing?

And why is it that ev­ery time I see him in ac­tion, I am re­minded of the Sher­iff of Not­ting­ham’s slip­pery pal? Spooks ABC1, 8.30pm

Ruth: Ni­cola Walker

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