Kyle Sandi­lands and Brian McFad­den can’t help their head­line-grab­bing an­tics, writes Colin Vick­ery

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KYLE Sandi­lands and Brian McFad­den are trou­ble mag­nets. The Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent pair have an un­canny knack of mak­ing head­lines for all the wrong rea­sons.

Sandi­lands’ rap sheet in­cludes be­ing sacked from Aus­tralian Idol in 2009 af­ter he ques­tioned, on ra­dio, a 14-year-old girl who claimed to have been raped.

McFad­den was re­cently ac­cused of pro­mot­ing date rape on his sin­gle Just The Way You Are (Drunk at the Bar).

Put Sandi­lands and McFad­den to­gether and things get out of con­trol.

Last month McFad­den re­port­edly had to be re­strained by Sandi­lands af­ter al­legedly abus­ing crew and pas­sen­gers on a V Aus­tralia flight be­tween Los An­ge­les and Syd­ney.

Wit­nesses claimed McFad­den had been smok­ing and drink­ing heav­ily on the flight. McFad­den has de­nied the ac­cu­sa­tions.

To­day Sandi­lands and McFad­den are sitting to­gether at Mel­bourne’s Re­gent Theatre. Re­hearsals for Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent are in full swing. They clearly have a ‘‘ bro­mance’’ go­ing. They riff off each other’s an­swers and poke fun at one an­other.

They have also been there to sup­port each other through re­la­tion­ship break-ups.

Sandi­lands’ mar­riage to singer Ta­mara Jaber col­lapsed in July. Two weeks ago, McFad­den split with Aussie singer Delta Goodrem.

‘‘ We’re dou­ble trou­ble,’’ Sandi­lands says.

The pair, judges on Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent, met in 2000 when McFad­den’s boy band Westlife came to Aus­tralia.

‘‘ We did this ra­dio in­ter­view and it was so much fun — not like work at all,’’ McFad­den re­calls. ‘‘ He was the only thing I re­mem­bered from the trip.’’

They met again when McFad­den ro­manced Goodrem, a friend of Sandi­lands and Jaber.

‘‘ I’d see him on and off a cou­ple of times a year with ‘ D’ (Sandi­lands’ nick­name for Goodrem), and when it be­came ob­vi­ous it was a longterm re­la­tion­ship and we all lived in the same sub­urb, that was it,’’ Sandi­lands says.

‘‘ The rest is his­tory,’’ McFad­den chips in.

‘‘ Then we be­came closer than we were with the girls — not in a sex­ual way,’’ Sandi­lands says with a laugh. ‘‘ The girls used to tease us about our ‘ bro­mance’.

‘‘ We both have Syd­ney and Los An­ge­les homes, so we try and trek around with each other.

‘‘ He’s taken me to Lon­don to see Buck­ing­ham Palace be­cause I’m a bit ob­sessed with the Queen.

‘‘ We have a lot of com­mon in­ter­ests. We do busi­ness to­gether, go on hol­i­days to­gether. We travel to­gether a lot,’’ Sandi­lands says.

At their worst, Sandi­lands says he and McFad­den could be ‘‘ dumb and dum­ber’’ — some­thing with which V Aus­tralia pas­sen­gers would surely agree.

‘‘ Es­pe­cially lately, peo­ple are think­ing, ‘ Look at these two clowns rolling into town on the plane caus­ing trou­ble’, but all of that stuff was a big ex­ag­ger­a­tion,’’ Sandi­lands says.

‘‘ We’re the same when we’re sep­a­rate, but when we’re to­gether you no­tice it more be­cause there’s two of us,’’ McFad­den says.

Dan­nii Minogue says judg­ing Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent with Sandi­lands and McFad­den is a world away from the Red Sy­mons/Tom Burlin­son combo.

‘‘ These two def­i­nitely have a bond,’’ Minogue says. ‘‘ I think it’s great. It ac­tu­ally makes it more com­fort­able for me.’’

The friend­ship is even more im­por­tant now that Sandi­lands and McFad­den are sin­gle.

A week ago, McFad­den went on a birth­day bender with Sandi­lands at Mel­bourne’s Bou­tique night­club.

Re­cent re­ports have sug­gested McFad­den will split his time be­tween Eng­land and Aus­tralia to spend more time with his daugh­ters Molly and Lilly-Sue.

McFAD­DEN is re­port­edly set for a se­cret sum­mit with ex-wife (for­mer Atomic Kit­ten singer) Kerry Ka­tona.

‘‘ When he was with Delta, Brian could only get back to the UK a cou­ple of times a year. Though he kept in touch ev­ery day, he felt he was miss­ing out on their up­bring­ing,’’ a source says.

‘‘ The way Brian sees it now is if he isn’t in a full-on re­la­tion­ship, then he has far more time to ded­i­cate him­self to­tally to the girls.’’

Sandi­lands says he and Jaber still get along very well, but ‘‘ I’m sin­gle now, so I can do what I please’’.

What­ever the fu­ture holds for Sandi­lands and McFad­den, one thing is cer­tain — their ‘‘ bro­mance’’ will last.

‘‘ He’s a larrikin and so am I,’’ Sandi­lands says. ‘‘ Lar­rikins usu­ally unite.’’ Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent re­turns on Chan­nel 7 on May 3

Tal­ented team: Kyle Sandi­lands and Brian McFad­den.

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