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EVEN by its own manic stan­dards, 30 Rock is par­tic­u­larly nuts at the mo­ment as, in this coun­try, it ticks over, ne­glected by all but the se­ri­ously hip and in­som­ni­acs, in a TV twi­light zone.

Tonight’s show con­tains some very funny stuff. Some of which comes fly­ing at you so fast you barely have time to ab­sorb the in­san­ity of it be­fore the ac­tion has moved on, and left you gasp­ing for breath. Some of the gags, also, are so LA, so show­biz and so ob­scure that it is hardly sur­pris­ing our TV bosses, let alone most view­ers, have been un­able to come to grips with the essence of the show.

At one point in tonight’s show, which con­cerns the need for folk in the TV in­dus­try to have a Plan B be­cause of the frag­ile na­ture of their em­ploy­ment, Jack (Alec Bald­win) de­liv­ers the fol­low­ing line: ‘‘ I’m re­mak­ing Knight Rider with the Os­car Meyer Weiner Mo­bile.’’ Ged­dit? No? Well . . . Let’s as­sume you know what Knight Rider was. And that there was a failed re­make a cou­ple of years ago that went nowhere.

Now, be aware there is a brand of frank­furter— Amer­i­cans call them wein­ers — in the US called Os­car Meyer. And on the streets of LA, oc­ca­sion­ally, you may spot a large van shaped like a sausage. It’s called the Os­car Meyer Weiner Mo­bile. And it’s very 1960s, and very silly. Cer­tainly not smart. Ged­dit now? No? Still noth­ing? Any­way . . .

With TGS in cri­sis be­cause of the ab­sence of Tracy, who claims to be in Africa, reestab­lish­ing his roots or some such thing, the show goes into forced hia­tus, which is not good news. The team empty their desks and look else­where for work. This is se­ri­ous. Or as Jack puts it: ‘‘ Our in­dus­try is dy­ing while folk are play­ing An­gry Birds and pok­ing each other on Face­book. What IS pok­ing, any­way?’’

Good ques­tion, Jack. Too cool. But get­ting back to the Os­car Meyer Weiner Mo­bile, just for a mo­ment . . . 30 Rock Chan­nel 7, 10.45pm ***

Rock­ing: Alec Bald­win

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