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PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Out: 2012 The orig­i­nal Pro­to­type gave gamers power like they’d never seen be­fore.

New York be­came a play­ground through which play­ers could run, leap and glide.

As the mil­i­tary locked the city down and the in­fected walked the streets, only the player was truly free, cut­ting en­e­mies apart with su­per­hu­man at­tacks, de­stroy­ing tanks with bare hands and trav­el­ling in dis­guise.

It was great fun, but also lacked fo­cus. This is where Pro­to­type 2 comes in.

Set 14 months af­ter the events of the orig­i­nal, play­ers take on the role of Sgt James Heller, who is hell-bent on de­stroy­ing Alex Mercer, the anti-hero from the orig­i­nal.

Ev­ery mis­sion in the game will link back to Heller’s goals

the se­quel fans will wel­come. and the wider story. May­hem may be its re­ward, but it’s even bet­ter when it means some­thing.

And, boy, what may­hem awaits in Pro­to­type 2. Heller is su­per-strong, su­per-fast and su­per-ag­ile, with blades that can lit­er­ally cut a swathe through a crowd and pow­er­ful alien ten­drils that can tear en­e­mies apart, or set off huge ex­plo­sions. This is not a game for the squea­mish.

Play­ers will also be able to har­ness a dark en­ergy to con­sume the life force of en­e­mies. This is used to re­plen­ish health and un­lock mis­sions by ab­sorb­ing tar­gets with vi­tal in­for­ma­tion.

Heller’s abil­ity to dis­guise him­self is also well used. It’s amaz­ing what one can learn by in­fil­trat­ing an en­emy base in the guise of top mil­i­tary brass.

Pro­to­type 2 is shap­ing up to be the se­quel fans of the orig­i­nal have been crav­ing. Sadly, it’s not out un­til next year. CAM SHEA

Mis­sion through may­hem:

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