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FOR Tolkien fans, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is one of the most ex­cit­ing ti­tles of 2011. Not only does it prom­ise to tell a story only hinted at in the books, but it will take play­ers to new and iconic lo­ca­tions. Switched On found out more from Snow­blind Stu­dios de­sign di­rec­tor Michael de Plater. What was the war in the north? Gan­dalf ac­tu­ally men­tioned that if it wasn’t for the ef­forts of a small group of heroes, the north would have fallen, and if that had hap­pened — even with Frodo’s quest — ev­ery­thing would have been lost. That’s where we’ve been able to take the story, to this other front. For Rings fans, it’s fan­tas­tic to ex­plore other parts of Mid­dle-earth. Where are some of the lo­ca­tions play­ers will visit? There are places that have been seen in the movies, such as Riven­dell and places ref­er­enced in the books but not seen in the movies, such as the Bar­row-Downs and Mirk­wood. And there are places that are only re­ally hinted at or on the map that we can flesh out more; there’s a huge, evil fortress at Carn Dum. What kind of game is this any­way? It is fo­cused on the core-ac­tion, role-play­ing game ex­pe­ri­ence, which is killing mon­sters, loot­ing their stuff and up­grad­ing your char­ac­ter. And we’ll be able to play with friends? It’s about this fel­low­ship of three char­ac­ters and de­signed to be played as a co-op ex­pe­ri­ence, so each of the classes have skills that sup­port each other. You can play it on your own, but the three char­ac­ters are al­ways present, so the co-op is re­ally fun­da­men­tal to the game.


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