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IS IT wrong that I’monly go­ing to the Lo­gies so I can see Adam Levine (be­low)? I didn’t think so. I mean, last year it was k.d. lang with­out any shoes on. Singing Hal-e-flip­pin’lu­jah. Give me a break.

I don’t even care if I can’t hear him over the scream­ing girls from Home and Away. He’s the best thing they’ve had in years. And his band, Ma­roon 5, ob­vi­ously. Very big coup.

I hope I don’t get there and there’s been some hideous mis­take and it’s ac­tu­ally Avril Lav­i­gne. Though it would be much more in keep­ing with the Lo­gies we all know and . . . like? Is like a bit strong?

But some­thing’s hap­pened this year be­cause not only are Ma­roon 5 play­ing, they also have Katy Perry, who isn’tmy thing at all but you have to say is, again, a very good get. And fan­tas­tic for the Lo­gies, just the right note.

By any stan­dard this line-up is im­pres­sive. Turn­ing now to the ac­tual nom­i­nees . . . Gee, aren’t you all up­set about Chrissie Swan? You shouldn’t get so worked up. Who re­mem­bers from one year to the next who won? Is that Lo­gie go­ing to get Jessica Marais a job in Hol­ly­wood?

Be­sides, you’re up­set for the wrong rea­son. The real prob­lem here is just how shal­low the tal­ent pool is. And at what end of the day they’re work­ing. Where it’s con­cen­trated.

But, look, no­body re­ally cares about awards. There are peo­ple in the in­dus­try who don’t even care about them. Look at how they feel about the Lo­gies at Chan­nel 10. They prob­a­bly won’t let Chrissie go, make her pull out on a grand­stand­ing yet dig­ni­fied ges­ture of prin­ci­ple the way John Le Carre did the other day with the Booker Prize.

Of course, then they’ll be forced to do the same with Asher Ked­die and her Gold nom­i­na­tion for Off­spring. And Cal­lan Mul­vey’s Sil­ver for Rush. Hamish and Andy, Be­fore the Game, there’s a few, Big­gest Loser, MasterChef ... MasterChef. Ah yes. What’s the rush, I won­der. Why not just start the stupid thing the next night? Nor­mally I’d be lik­ing Ten’s upyours way of do­ing things, but pre­tend­ing it was a co­in­ci­dence . . . Their head of pro­gram­ming David Mott ac­tu­ally told the Sun­day Tele they hadn’t ‘‘ ag­gres­sively gone out to put MasterChef against the Lo­gies’’. C’mon David, that’s not the kind of soft, clue­less ap­proach to the job the stake­hold­ers should be hear­ing.

They want to be­lieve you know what you’re do­ing. Ev­ery­one would’ve, or I would’ve any­way, had ma­jor re­spect for Ten if he’d said, yep, we’re go­ing head-to-head with the Lo­gies, we don’t rate them as a force any more, and don’t be­lieve our au­di­ence do ei­ther, and so we find we’re not com­fort­able ac­cept­ing any Lo­gie nom­i­na­tions be­cause we wouldn’t want to risk look­ing mas­sively hyp­o­crit­i­cal.

And then next year David Mott would cer­tainly be lin­ing up for an Out­stand­ing Ac­tor Lo­gie.

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