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IFEEL bad now that we haven’t talked about this show Meet the Na­tives be­fore — be­cause I have a sickly feel­ing this could be the weak­est of all the episodes and the de­cent ones passed me by.

Ob­vi­ously I have no way to sup­port this state­ment, since this is the only one I’ve seen.

But this is the last episode when they raced through a quick re­cap at the start, high- lights of their time in the US. Sure, it was the high­lights, so by def­i­ni­tion we’re get­ting the pick of it.

The episode where our five guys are sitting there at the ta­ble in New York and the bloke’s telling them that the other bloke sitting next to him is his hus­band and our five guys are go­ing, huh? looked like pretty good tele­vi­sion.

There was an­other bit that took place in Orange County, Cal­i­for­nia, but who cares now? I backed the wrong horse.

This episode tonight, it’s all right, but they’re at an army base in Ge­or­gia, which ini­tially I thought might’ve had ex­cit­ing Wife Swap/ ugly clash po­ten­tial, given that Chief Man­gau, Keimua, Sam, Kuai and Namus came from Vanuatu with a mes­sage of peace.

But no, they ac­tu­ally are peace­ful. They’re staying with a staff sergeant named Steve,

Peace­ful: Chief Man­gau his staff sergeant wife Tara and their three kids.

Day one and it starts awk­wardly — grits for break­fast, which Steve does the south­ern way, or maybe it’s the Steve way, with but­ter and sugar.

This is fol­lowed by some shootin’. Elec­tronic only. No killin’. Not even peo­ple, Steve tells them.

As he’s talk­ing, one of the guys is spit­ting his grits out into a nap­kin.

They’re even less com­fort­able with the guns.

They gave up us­ing weapons two gen­er­a­tions ago, but ‘‘ had heard’’ Amer­ica still used them.

Not sure what Colin Pow­ell does these days. Sits on com­pany boards? He’s in this episode, any­way. Meet the Na­tives ABC2, 7.30pm

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