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SO RICHARD and Joey are the team to beat on Amaz­ing Race. That’s ac­cord­ing to Richard and Joey, be­cause they shaved their hair off last week.

I don’t know that it’s go­ing to be very ef­fec­tive.

The other con­tes­tants don’t seem re­motely threat­ened.

Ap­par­ently ‘‘ no­body’’ likes Richard and Joey.

Alana and Mel? I think it was them— the sis­ters— who said it. The mar­vel­lous thing about this show of course is we, and Richard and Joey, don’t have to wait long for Alana and Mel to look like idiots them­selves.

All it takes is a man­ual gear shift. How many peo­ple have come un­stuck by one of those?

Hard to be­lieve, re­ally. You don’t of­ten see two peo­ple driv­ing the same ve­hi­cle.

But at least it’s a rea­son­ably sen­si­ble chal­lenge. Some of the ones tonight are com­pletely inane.

Build­ing a gi­raffe feeder. Drag­ging a goat. (Tyler and Nathan’s ap­proach: ‘‘ We just took the bull by the horns and dragged the thing up there.’’)

The con­tes­tants are in South Africa, by the way. They left Macau and made their way, by var­i­ous routes, to a carpark in Port El­iz­a­beth where there’s a car wait­ing.

Race is on: Joey and Richard

I re­alise that sounds easy, lo­cat­ing a car in a carpark, but you saw that episode of Se­in­feld where no­body can re­mem­ber where Kramer parked his car— and Elaine’s gold­fish ei­ther dies or al­most dies and Ge­orge does a wee in the carpark and I think Jerry might too and it’s all very, very bad.

Kramer bought an air con­di­tioner and has to cart it around while they try to find his car. And this is more or less — though not re­ally — how Amaz­ing Race starts tonight.

Do the farm­ers al­ways get banjo mu­sic when they ap­pear on screen?

Maybe I’m only notic­ing it now for the first time. It’s a nice touch. Makes me want to see De­liv­er­ance again. The Amaz­ing Race Chan­nel 7, 8.30pm

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