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GREAT film, Apoca­lypse Now. Big sprawl­ing kind of mess, bit of tremen­dous fun. But gee, that line from Robert Du­vall about the na­palm; if only Fran­cis Cop­pola knew the level of an­noy­ing rip-offs he was in­flict­ing on us when he wrote that.

Even Taggart, for cry­ing out loud, has man­aged to get one away tonight.

And at this point can I just sug­gest if you’re into Taggart at all, don’t go look­ing up any­thing about this episode on the in­ter­net.

I went on to imdb to check some­one’s name and there’s the en­tire plot laid out for me like a smor­gas­bord.

Taggart and Mid­somer Mur­ders, I guess, at­tract a sim­i­lar crowd, but this one is a vastly bet­ter prod­uct. Sev­eral rea­sons, but mainly, I think, Glas­gow. I’ve hardly ever seen this show and I was ini­tially con­cerned the love­li­ness of the ac­cents might’ve been too sooth­ing for a cop show, but they’re not a prob­lem at all.

This is a city that looks more than ca­pa­ble of sup­port­ing a se­ries whose trade is homi­cide.

And there’s one right at the start tonight: Will Ram­say.

He’s been as­sas­si­nated, ac­cord­ing to the bloke who finds him, Cam Beat­tie, who is in fact with him when he’s killed, and was also wounded.

They’re both water­side work­ers in the mid­dle of an ugly strike, up against a ma­jor de­fence con­trac­tor.

So the lines are clearly drawn for a pro­tracted us-andthem sce­nario. But as DS Jackie Reid (Blythe Duff) won­ders, would a ma­jor cor­po­ra­tion re­ally hire a hit­man to solve a labour dis­pute? Well yes, Jackie, it would.

And it does sound like a hit — black out­fit, black mask, big gun is the neb­u­lous de­scrip­tion Cam Beat­tie gives Jackie and DCI Burke when they come call­ing.

Are we lik­ing Beat­tie for Will Ram­say’s mur­der? Yes we are, un­til Beat­tie gets shot again. Taggart ABC1, 8.30pm

Cop that: Blythe Duff

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