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NINA hates Pa­trick. He’s an anaes­thetist and she’s an ob­ste­tri­cian — maybe there’s some nat­u­ral an­tipa­thy there, I’m not sure, but I think we all know which way this is go­ing to go.

He needs stitches tonight — or sutures, to use the cor­rect ob­fus­cat­ing jar­gon— and they have a mo­ment where their mu­tual dis­like/ at­trac­tion is on show for all other than them­selves to see.

Or maybe he sees it. Nina’s too ab­sorbed in other things. She goes out with a lot of doc­tors. Has she tried other oc­cu­pa­tions at all? There was the hus­band who worked with ex­plo­sives ... maybe that put her off peo­ple who don’t have med­i­cal de­grees. Do you think she’ll de­liver Bil­lie and Mick’s baby, if any? And would that seem un­usual? And will Mick’s brother Andrew start go­ing out with Cherie?

These and other im­por­tant ques­tions will be an­swered, or not, in episodes to come.

Andrew is in the Yarra Val­ley tonight when Bil­lie’s tem­per­a­ture reaches the point it’s meant to for her, or specif­i­cally her eggs, to be at the op­ti­mal . . . look, why go into all that? Andrew’s hand­ing over some sperm and he needs to do it, like, right now. He’s pretty cute, cuter than Mick, frankly, and I’m sur­prised she hasn’t opted to get his sperm the reg­u­lar way, but she’s stick­ing with the baster.

I hope this doesn’t turn all maudlin on us, this sto­ry­line. I’m scared it may. There’s some fam­ily drama in­volv­ing one of the oth­ers tonight, don’t know if you’ve seen this com­ing at all. They’ve been wor­ried about Jimmy, be­cause there was that fight, some­thing to do with his girl­friend they all spurned, fol­lowed by noth­ing but si­lence from his end for more than two weeks now, de­spite his mother and sis­ters hav­ing called him re­peat­edly, or per­haps be­cause of. Off­spring Chan­nel 10, 9pm

Nina: Asher Ked­die

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