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IDON’T know that I can ever re­call see­ing so much blood­shed on this show. I am talk­ing about Fam­ily Guy as it hap­pens. But you thought I was re­fer­ring to last week’s episode of Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent, so let’s go with that.

Not sure that I’m en­tirely happy with how it’s all gone this year (a pole dancer?) but they only re­ally need one half­way good act for all of us to be­lieve we’ve been sold a de­cent se­ries. And the win­ner? Dan­nii Minogue.

I’m more at home in front of Fam­ily Guy, even though I haven’t watched a new episode for ages.

I thought I’d seen them all, but this one tonight is only a month old. I was quite shocked. It’s kind of a rip-off of Bill and Ted’s Ex­cel­lent Ad­ven­ture; a fine piece of ’ 80s cin­ema fea­tur­ing Keanu Reeves at his most awe­some and it tells the riv­et­ing story of how the uni­verse was cre­ated.

It’s fairly com­plex, but not as com­plex as Stephen Hawk­ing makes it out to be.

Fam­ily Guy be­gins in­nocu­ously enough with Lois go­ing to the IGA and di­rect­ing Brian the dog, nurs­ing a mar­tini, to keep Peter from the cookie dough.

But it turns when Stewie wants Brian to help him send

DA BOMB: Stewie thinks global. away for a hot model from a mail-or­der cat­a­logue and Brian nails him with a one­liner he hadn’t pre­pared a come­back for.

Clearly the only thing Stewie can do is re­treat to his home­made time ma­chine and seek to re­dress this vile in­sult, and then to­mor­row buy backup plu­to­nium from the Qua­hog farm­ers’ mar­ket.

He only uses or­ganic plu­to­nium – think global, buy lo­cal. He’s re­lated to Leonardo Da Vinci, ap­par­ently.

This is a fairly weak episode, by Fam­ily Guy stan­dards. The best joke is one of the ran­dom asides. It’s about Neil Arm­strong. Hi­lar­i­ous. Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent Chan­nel 7, 7.30pm Fam­ily Guy 7 Mate, 8.30pm

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